Sniper Elite 3 Crashes, Errors, GPU Overheating, Lagging, Refresh Rate, and Launch Problems

Rebellion Developments’ latest installment in their flagship Tactical-Shooter Franchise, Sniper Elite 3 has managed to surmount its predecessor [Sniper Elite...

Rebellion Developments’ latest installment in their flagship Tactical-Shooter Franchise, Sniper Elite 3 has managed to surmount its predecessor [Sniper Elite v2] on different grounds.

Improved character movement, bullet ballistics, and semi open-world level designs are a few noteworthy changes brought to the game.

While the game has managed to run quite satisfactorily on current-gen and last-gen consoles, the PC version [Both Digital and Physical] suffers from some pesky little errors – Nothing that cannot be fixed, though.

Rebellion Developments is pretty active on Steam Forums and the game’s official Community Hub to ensure that the players get active response from the development team 24/7.

I’ll be addressing some commonly reported errors in this guide with their possible workarounds:

Crossfiring AMD GPUs:
To activate AMD Crossfire with Sniper Elite 3, try the solution provided below:

  • Go to AMD Catalyst Control Center
  • Go to Gaming tab and click on 3D applications settings
  • Click Add and Add Sniper Elite 3.exe
  • Scroll down and set AMD CrossfireX Mode: AFR Friendly

No Audio with Headphones and Speakers:
Folks experiencing this issue should uninstall their drivers, reboot their machine, run Registry Cleaner a couple of times and install Fresh Drivers.

In addition to this, installing a fresh version of DirectX might help!

Game Crashes by a Mouse Click:
If this happens, try minimizing the game to Desktop and then turning it back to Full screen. Furthermore, wait for a couple of minutes before clicking any link.

Launch Problem with Steam:
If you encounter this issue, try adding the game as a non-Steam Game. To do this, try the following:

  • Open up Steam Library
  • Click ‘Add a Game’
  • Click ‘Add a non-Steam Game’
  • Look for ‘Sniper Elite 3’ Folder and a Folder named ‘Bin’
  • Add ‘Sniper Elite 3.exe’

Refresh Rate Stuck at 60Hz:

  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right Click Sniper Elite 3 and hit Properties
  • Hit ‘Set Launch Options’ from the General Tab and add the below values:
  • ‘-Hz = ?’ Add your desired value in place of ‘?’

Lagging Issues and GPU Overheating:
This may seem like a widely-known fix, but some people forget how obvious things can help. Try and update your Video Card Drivers and Disable ‘Supersampling’ and ‘Tessellation’ in the game.

‘Supersampling’ had issues with Sniper Elite v2 and still has them in Sniper Elite 3.

Multiplayer Mode Crashing:
This is a simple issue which is caused by ‘Use of Filters’ in the Lobby. Just try the game without adding any Filters and it should work flawlessly!

Also try adding this in Steam Launcher Options:

-novid +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly 8192 +vt_maxPPF #8 +vt_pageImageSizeUnique 8192 +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly2 8192

BSoD Crash:
Anyone with meek computer knowledge would know that a BSoD is a result of Driver Issues or Hardware Issues. Use ‘Windows Event Viewer’ or ‘Blue screen Viewer’ and Google up the errors for a quick-fix.

Error Code 53:
In order to overcome this error, you need to verify game cache, turn off RTS [Real-time Scanning] on your Antivirus, and Get to Steam Launch Options [By right-clicking Sniper Elite 3.exe] to add the following:


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