Nintendo: SNES Classic Edition Is A Form Of Virtual Console

Nintendo has confirmed that SNES Classic Edition will launch later this year and fans are excited to get their hands on the classic console. The pre-orders for the console are yet to start in the US and Nintendo has been revealing new details about the console.

During the recent shareholders meeting on Nintendo, Satoshi Yamato was asked if there is a possibility of making Game Boy Advance titles available through retail, to which he replied that Nintendo is planning to make full use of its virtual console titles and added that SNES Classic Edition is a form of a virtual console.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition in the U.S.), scheduled to be launched in Japan this October (and September overseas) to be a type of Virtual Console. It would be possible to sell these titles as packaged software or via download cards, but if we were to start selling products like this in the future, I think we would first have to consider whether we can establish that kind of business model, and do our due diligence in finding out if there is sufficient demand for it.

In related news, recently a prototype demo for a Rayman game for SNES has appeared online. The prototype demo for Rayman was uploaded by archivist Omar Cornut. The demo was uploaded by the archivist with the permission from Michel Ancel, who is working on Beyond Good And Evil 2.

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