“Smoking” Xbox Series X Consoles Surface At Launch

Update: Microsoft has made a statement.

Original: Xbox Series X was launched worldwide barely a couple of days ago and there are already a few claims of overheating issues. These though remain to be verified.

The following video was shared earlier today and shows smoke rising from the ventilation fan. The owner claims that his Xbox Series X automatically shut down within a couple of minutes after the main menu shown up on display. The “ball of smoke” appeared right after and the console refuses to turn on since then.

Another video shared a few hours ago on Reddit shows a similar fate. The console appears to be turned off while volumes of smoke escape through the top ventilation grill. Both owners state that “this is not a joke” and that “this is very much real.” The claims though still remain to be verified.

It should be noted that defective units always have a chance to make their way into the public at launch. Provided that the aforementioned smoking Xbox Series X consoles did take place within hours, Microsoft will be contacting the owners for their allegedly dead consoles in order to ascertain the problem. Microsoft will need to make sure that this is not something to be overly concerned about.

Xbox Series X follows three cooling phases to ensure no overheating problems. The next-generation console pulls hot air from the bottom and pushes it out through the top. A vapor chamber in-between ensures an even spread of temperatures within the core, leaving it on the airflow channels to keep the hot air moving and the console components cool.

Xbox Series X retails at $500.

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