SMITE Season 3 Details are Revealed Ahead of the World Championships

The SMITE World Championship has begun, and with it new details on season 3 of the game. These were revealed at the Keynote speech which came before the actual event started.

As well as season 3 improving the overall experience of the game for the users, there will be some changes in the in-game shop, the addition of Daily Quests, and some user interface updates. Included in the update will be the Japanese Pantheon, Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun.

Amaterasu will be added to the Battleground of the Gods starting from January 12 on the PC and late February on Xbox One. The release will also see a multi-week event begin known as Rising Down. During this time Japanese-themed skins will be available. These include Kaiju Sobek and Harajuku Neith.

Along with these changes SMITE will also see the addition of a 3v3 Joust League, a 3v3 Joust Map, and a Chinese-themed environment based on the Ice Palace from the legend of Sun Wukong. For players of Hi-Rez’s Paladins which is still in its testing phase right now, they’ll see the addition of SMITE’s Sylvanus to the game. This character will be available in the closed beta which is still taking place right now, I’ll be loading it up to take a look when the character is available.

With these Season 3 updates along with the start of the World Championship there is plenty for to keep SMITE fans busy. For Paladin fans, Hi-Rez Studios promised to keep them up to date on the game’s development throughout the year.

Are you impressed with SMITE Season 3? Have you been able to try out Paladins yet? Let us know your thoughts below.

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