Slitterhead Director Teases More Story Details, “Would Be Glad To” Make Another Siren Game

Slitterhead has received a few more blood-curdling story details along with a ray of hope for fans of the Siren franchise.

Speaking with Edge magazine for the latest issue, director Keiichi Toyama revealed “a little prologue-like snippet” for his new horror game. Slitterhead will take place “in a corner of an Asian city” during the late ’80s where a series of bizarre murders have left locals clinging to their sanity.

“…Brainless corpses were found one after another” after which an investigation confirmed that “these incidents were not the work of a human being, but by the hand of an unknown monster.”

Toyama previously teased that these creatures can mimic humans and players will have to find ways in Slitterhead to make them reveal themselves. He adds now that such a creature design is intended to leave players in awe as they face off against “something natural and intentionally transcendental.”

“I would like younger, new generations who don’t know our past works to play it,” said Toyama about Slitterhead which will not only be the debut game of his new Bokeh Game Studios but also mark his return to the horror genre.

Toyama has made a name for himself as the creator of Silent Hill and Siren, two renown survival horror franchises. Siren for one did something similar where locals would be compelled to become infected as “corpse people.”

Bokeh Game Studios will naturally be taking a lot of inspirations from that but not enough to create a new Siren game. Toyama expressed no hope for the Siren franchise coming back due to “commercial reasons” but “if there is an opportunity to create some kind of content, I would be glad to.”

Slitterhead will be a third-person action-oriented adventure with several mechanics that have not been seen in other horror games. Toyama is gunning for a truly unique horror experience with his new project but it will be a while before gameplay reveals start taking place.

Slitterhead is currently finishing up its pre-production phase and will then see Bokeh Game Studios go on a hiring spree to increase the size of its development team. The game will enter full production near the end of 2022 provided that there are no delays, presumably for both consoles and PC.

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