Slipspace, The Halo Infinite Engine Might Still Be In Development

If you were hoping that the next Halo title might release in the near future you will be disappointed to find out that the Halo Infinite engine, Slipspace, might still be in development. Given what we’ve seen from the engine demo, it’s extremely powerful so it will be worth waiting for it a bit more.

According to 343 Industries’ website, the studio is looking for a Software Development Engineer in order to build “performance critical systems” and work on low-level engine systems like the scheduler, memory manager, and binary layout of game runtime data. This job listing, pretty much indicates that the studio is still working on Slipspace, the Halo Infinite engine, or at least refining it.

The job listing reads:

“343 Industries, the studio developing Halo Infinite, is looking for a talented, passionate, and effective Software Development Engineer to join our core engine team building the SlipSpace engine to power Halo Infinite. Come be part of a studio that pushes boundaries of technology, creativity and imagination. A studio that is player obsessed. A place where teammates seek to amplify each other.”

We’ve already seen the power of the Halo Infinite engine in its first trailer during Microsoft’s showcase at E3 2018. While it didn’t hold much information, other than Master Chief being the main character and the hint that it might be set on Halo Zeta, the trailer was mostly a demonstration of the Slipspace power. And that’s exactly what they managed to do.

The Slipspace demo filled fans with excitement and anticipation. The scenery and extreme graphics are only the beginning for Halo Infinite, which still has no release date. The game is set to release on Xbox One and PC, however, if the aforementioned news is to be believed then we might see it becoming a cross-generation title for Xbox Scarlett as well.

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