Slime Rancher Gordo Slimes Locations Guide

This Slime Rancher Gordo Slimes Locations Guide details the locations of all the Gordo Slimes for you so you can easily find them. They are well hidden in the game so we have curated this Gordo Slimes Locations Guide to help you find all these Gordo Slimes in the game.

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Slime Rancher Gordo Slimes Locations

Gordo Slimes are gigantic slimes that you need to feed till the point they burst and they give you a lot of bonus rewards and goodies.

Dry Reef Gordo Slimes

Dry Reef has five Gordo Slimes in total. Two of them are Pink Gordo Slimes, two are Tabby Gordo Slimes while the last one is the Phosphor Gordo Slime.

You will find the first Pink Gordo on an island in Dry Reef. In the second area, you will find a ledge, walk near it and you will find a hole in the fence.

Go through it to find your first Pink Gordo Slime. The Second Pink Gordo Slime is sitting on the way when you are heading towards the top of the Arch Island.

When you are heading towards Moss Blanket, you reach the bridge turn right and go inside a hole of a rock wall at the end of Dry Reef. Inside this hole, you will find a Tabby Gordo.

Under this Tabby Gordo, you will also find a teleporter. The second Tabby Gordo is found on another island, which is located on the beach after passing the rock canyon.

The last Gordo in Dry Reef is a Phosphor Gordo Slime and it is found inside a cave. You can get to this cave by going to the area where the Rock Slimes are found and jump over a small wall there. Right after you land, turn around and you will find the Phosphor Gordo sitting inside its cave. Feed it to pop it for rewards.

Indigo Quarry Gordo Slimes

Indigo Quarry has four Gordo Slimes. Two are Rock Gordo Slimes, one is a Rad Gordo while the last one is a Crystal Gordo. You can find these in a sequence.

Start with the first Rock Gordo. In Indigo Quarry’s first area, you will find the Rock Gordo in the back area of the entry tunnel. After you are done with this Rock Gordo, continue going on and use your jetpack to fly over some rocks.

Keep on going until you reach the second set of pillars. Here, you must go through the cave and down a wooden ramp. Here you will find some green crystals on your right. Follow them and you will soon reach a cave where your Rad Gordo Slime is waiting for you.

Now on to the second Rock Gordo. The second Rock Gordo is sitting on the left side of the pit. To access it, you must fly over the broken bridge and to a ramp on the other side. From there, you can see it. Go and pop it for rewards.

The last Gordo on Indigo Quarry is a Glass Gordo Slime. To get to it, go to the teleporter located at the location of the second Rock Gordo Slime.

It will take you to the Volcanic Island. Once there, start walking right until you reach a spiraling ramp on a column. You will find the Crystal Gordo here sitting on a ledge.

Moss Blanket Gordo Slimes

Your next destination on your Gordo hunt is Moss Blanket. Moss Blanket has two Gordo Slimes. One of them is a Honey Gordo while the other one is a Hunter Gordo.

If you have the jetpack, you can easily get to the Honey Gordo, it will be sitting on a small gray cliff in the second area.

Enter the Moss blanket by jumping down the hole and then go west. Keep left and continue till you reach the Pink flowers near the water just behind the broken wooden bridge. Use your Jetpack to reach the cliff.

Feed the Honey Gordo mint mangoes to make him drop the loot even faster.

If you do not have the jetpack yet, you can try following a small walkway along the outer edge but it is a risky path and you might end up falling down. Therefore, it is best that you get to this Honey Gordo once you have the jetpack.

The Hunter Gordo will be sitting on top of a giant mushroom near the end of the Feral Hunter Area. Use your jetpack to quickly get to it. This one likes Roostros and will even drop a slime key!

Ancient Ruins Gordo Slimes

Ancient Ruins also has two Gordo Slimes, the first one is a Boom Gordo while the second one is the Quantum Gordo.

Boom Gordo is located around the end of the area. When you reach the first archway, look left and jump down.

Go through the door and you will find the Boom Gordo by hovering over the edge. Now go back and go towards the final archway which is located near the Glass Desert Portal.

Here you will see a stone wall. Facing the wall, jump down near the corner and you will find yourself on a small hidden path. Go left from here and you will find the path that leads to the last Gordo in Ancient Ruins which is the Quantum Gordo.

Glass Desert Gordo Slimes

Your last location for the Gordo Slime hunt will be the Glass Desert. Here you will find the last three Gordo Slimes of the game. One of them is a Dervish Gordo, the second one is the Tangle Gordo while the last Gordo of the game is the Mosaic Gordo.

You will find the Dervish Gordo sitting on top of a hill near a Tangle Slime Fountain. To access this place, use your jetpack and fly to the top of the hill!

Now jump over to the ledge to find the Gordo and feed it Prickle pears to get it to drop the loot.

Head into the tower ruins and use the small ramp to make your way to the top! At the top you will find a small room, enter the room and you will see the Tangled Gordo there!

For the Mosaic Gordo, you need to get to a high platform in the Glass desert. This Gordo is hidden in a small space behind the stone wall.

Basically, as you make your way to the next area you will find this gordo above the fountain location. Feeding him will not only drop loot but also clear your path to the next area.

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