Slime Rancher Crafting Guide

In this Slime Rancher Crafting Guide, we will explain to you the process of crafting in Slime Rancher. Crafting is an easy feat in Slime Rancher if you know where to look for the resources you need and where to find the blueprints for the gadgets that you need to build.

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Slime Rancher Crafting

Getting Started – Basics of Crafting

Before you actually start crafting gadgets you will be required to buy the Ranch Expansion for the Lab area. For this, you will require 10,000 Newbucks.

Once you have the required amount, go to the backside of your Ranch, head to the canyon and you will find a path blocked by a force field with a computer terminal there.

Access the computer terminal and unlock the door by paying the Newbucks. Once done, the force field will vanish and you will finally be able to access the Lab where you can build all the gadgets that you need. They will help to increase the efficiency of your Ranch.

The Lab

The Lab is simply a barn with a workshop inside it and some plots outside which you can use to create some useful corrals, gardens or coops.

From the outside, the lab looks like a plain old barn with some plots outside but inside the barn is where the magic happens, when you enter the barn, you will see three machines. You will be using all three machines for your crafting so let us go through what each of them does.

The first machine is the Refinery. Here you can store all the resources that you gather from the outside world.

Instead of carrying those resources with you all the time, you can store them in the Refinery where you can use them when you need to craft a desired gadget.

The second machine is a Builder’s Shop. To make gadgets, you will need blueprints and there is only one place where you can purchase blueprints and that is Builder’s Shop.

The Builder’s Shop will sell you blueprints for all the gadgets that you need to buy in the game.

The last machine that you need to know about is the Fabricator. You got the resources as well as the blueprints, now it is time to craft the desired gadget.

The Fabricator will allow you to craft the desired gadget without any hassle. Simply select the gadget that you want to craft and the Fabricator will craft the gadget for you instantly.


To craft the gadgets you will need resources. Resources are found throughout the world but you will require special extractors to extract them. There are three types of extractors in the game. They could be drills, Pumps or Apiaries.

Most of the time you can use any sort for extractor at a resource place to extract it however sometimes you will require a specific type of extractor as the area would be limited to that specific type of resource.

Resources also vary in nature. Some resources are common and you can extract them anywhere while some of the resources are extremely rare and you will not find them often.

Resources also require a specific type of the extractor to be extracted from the source. For example, Jellystone can only be extracted using a Drill. Similarly, other resources can only be extracted using Apiary or Pump only.

You can store these resources in the Refinery to keep them for safe for later use and it also helps in keeping your limited inventory empty.

Types of Gadgets

Depending on their use, you can craft five type of gadgets. All of these gadgets have their own unique uses and features. You can currently craft five different types of gadgets. Extractors allow you to extract different resources.

After creation the next step is to place the gadget somewhere on your Ranch. Head back to your Ranch area and press “T” on your keyboard or left trigger on your controller.

This will reveal several build site locations on your Ranch where you can place down your gadgets. Be careful where you place the gadget though, as once placed the gadget is there permanently.

Utilities help you manage you Ranch more efficiently, Warp Tech allows you to teleport yourself or items, Decorations add more to the beauty of your Ranch while Curious are different fun activity gadgets that you can put around your Ranch to have fun with.

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