Where To Find Moondew Nectar In Slime Rancher 2

Making a ranch for slimes is no easy job. You need to take care of all your slimes and make sure that they are kept safe and well-fed. On top of this, your slimes will only eat their preferred food, forcing you to go out and gather the food that they need. Guess Fantasy slimes are better who will just dissolve anything huh?

One of the fodders you need to get is the Moondew Nectar, since your precious Flutter Slimes will only eat Moondew Nectar. This guide will help you find Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2.

Where to find Moondew Nectar in Slime Rancher 2

Moondew Nectar is the most elusive resource to harvest. It is found only in Starlight Strand and nowhere else.

The nectar, as the name suggests, is collected from flowers. These Moondew Flowers will only blossom at night when the sun has set and moonlight graces the land around them.

Moondew Flowers are rare and often grow on higher grounds or cliffs. We recommend that you get yourself a Jetpack before you head out to gather Moondew Nectar.

You need 10x Radiant Ore, 10x Phosphor Plorts, and 450x Newbucks to make one at the Fabricator. Though completely optional, using a Jetpack allows you access to high grounds easily and even look around a larger area to spot Moondew Flowers.

Moondew Flowers have a higher chance of spawning around Flutter Gordo Slime. If you see these slimes, make sure to check the surrounding areas for small clusters of Moondew Flowers. When you find these flowers, use your resource harvester to harvest the nectar from Moondew Flowers.

Moondew Flowers, unfortunately, cannot be grown in the Conservatory, meaning that you have to go out and get them every time. This is a huge hassle, but you will get used to this. Since you cannot grow them, try to keep your framing trips longer and bring back as much Moondew Nectar as you can in one trip.

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