Sleeping Dogs Patch 1.5 – Fixes UI, Controls and Stability Issues

Sleeping Dogs might be a better experience on the PC, but as it is with just about every PC port, it has problems. Overly sensitive mouse controls, camera issues and an overall unstable performance has been plaguing the game since its release, and even with various user fixes, not everyone has managed to solve the problems. The new v1.5 patch finally addresses those issues.

The patch adds the ability to customize the camera and mouse settings and improves stability and the game in general. Here are the patch notes:


  • Improved CPU timing to reduce issues where the game plays too quickly
  • Various fixes to improve stability and minimize crashes during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue with the Bink video player which may improve stability during in-game videos such as the title screens

Controls & Camera

  • New option added! Aim Soft Lock: Lets the player enable or disable aiming assistance from the game
  • New option added! Mouse Free Look: Enables/disables camera auto-centering behind the player when using the mouse and on foot
  • New option added! Mouse Raw Input: When enabled, input is sampled directly from the mouse which improves responsiveness and accuracy on supported mice
  • New option added! Mouse Sensitivity: A modifier that determines how much speed is recorded from mouse movement
  • Mouse camera logic has been reworked for improved precision (independent of the raw mouse input option)
  • The Action Hijack binding is now independent of the Sprint/Parkour key value
  • While driving players can now use the mouse to look up and down
  • While driving the camera no longer immediately auto-centers when you stop moving the mouse
  • The high-speed camera shake while driving has been reduced
  • Mouse sensitivity no longer differs when Wei is and isn’t carrying a gun


  • Front End screens now support a button help bar that is fully interactive via mouse
  • Users are now able to exit screens by pressing the Back button
  • Corrected all issues when exiting a screen using the Backspace and Esc keys
  • It’s now possible to switch sections by clicking on the corresponding icons or tab headers
  • The mouse wheel will scroll through all relevant lists in the user interface
  • Mouse hit regions have been fine-tuned throughout the front end to improve user experience

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