Sleeping Dogs Favors Guide

Sleeping Dogs is a vast game and it has many facets to it. This guide will help the reader locate the 30+ Sleeping Dogs Favors quest in this game and complete them with ease.

Sleeping Dogs Favors

These favors not only serve as the side quest in this game but they are essential in order to progress through the “Face skill tree” which allows Wei Shen to learn new abilities.

Besides there obvious usefulness they are quite fun to do and serve as great tie-ins to the main story.

Cheaters Never Prosper

  • Client: Bad Driver Loo.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $2500.

This quest is initiated near Top Glamour by talking to a race driver named, “Loo”. Loo wants you to trash Tommy Ha Lan’s car before he gets away. You have got two minutes to find Lan’s car.

It is not very far just follow the GPS from your location. There is a car conveniently parked near Loo if you started this mission on foot.

Once you find the car go up to the trunk open it and grab yourself a tire iron and start trashing it. Once Lan comes out to see what is the commotion all about, introduce Lan’s face to some metal and this will complete this favor.

A Quiet Drive

  • Client: Calvin.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $2000.

This quest can be initiate by talking to fellow gang member Calvin. He will ask you if you can give him a “ride”. His concepts of a ride soon turns out be a “getaway car”.

After Calvin calmly walks up to a police officer enjoying his lunch and beating him for dating his crush HKPD will descend upon the scene and you are required to escape in your car with Calvin.

This is very easy just lead the police into tight alleyways and evade them there or even more simply just ram their cars off the road and leave them tumbling behind you.

Fashion Advice

  • Client: Joan.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $500.

A young girl Joan needs to know how tight her shirt looks. Wei always willing to help out a damsel in distress being’s appraising her eagerly.

This all turns out to be a set up as a punk from behind hits Wie and runs off with some of your cash.

Just follow the punk who will lead to two of his friends, beat the hell out of them and get your money back.

Pay Hospital Bills

  • Client: Michelle.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $2000.

Michelle’s husband is in the hospital and the only way for them to pay his bills is if they can get their car’s insurance. This is where Wei comes in. Michelle wants you to take their car drive it into the sea.

Just follow your GPS navigator to the car first get in it and then drive it off into the sea. A route will be shown on your map for this. Just be sure to exit the car before it makes the jump to meet the sea.

Ting’s T-Shirt

  • Client: Ting.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $500.

Ting’s shirts are not selling so well. She wants you to get a few pictures from around the city for her new shirt designs so she could reinvigorate her business.
Your first destination is the temple and you need to take the picture of the inner shrine.

There are a lot of collectibles available at the temple that you can get access to during this early favor. Inside the temple itself, you can find a Jade Statue.

To the sides of the temple, there are two Health Shrines: one to each side of the main building.

Finally, a Lock Box is hidden behind the temple building. You can get these items at any time, but if you haven’t gotten them earlier, this favor provides a good chance to get it done.

Next you need to head out to the free way and take the picture of the beautiful Hong Kong sunset. Don’t worry about going there at the wrong time, the game will automatically wait for the sunset.

Just be sure to get the drunk out of the way before you take the snap. There’s another Lock Box very close to where the picture can be taken. It’s guarded by some thugs, and you’ll need to knock them out before breaking open the Lock Box.

Quick Fix

  • Client: Jenny.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $1500.

On the freeway between North Point and Aberdeen a young girl Jenny require some car assistance. Wei’s “Gentlemanly Instincts” kick in and he agrees to check out her car’s engine.

Lo and behold this turns out to be another con as another punk comes up from behind you and takes off with some of your money.

Follow this mugger to the end of the docks where two more of his friends will be waiting for you. Once you catch up to him teach him a lesson of never stealing from Wei Shen.

Be warned this punk is fast and any stumbles from you during the chase will cause him to escape.

Tiffany’s Song

  • Client: Tiffany.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $2500, New Jade Statue Location, New Karaoke Song.

After the completion of the main story mission “Club Bam Bam”, you will get Tiffany’s number. Call her and set up a date as soon as possible. She will meet you at the club and ask you to sing for her on the karaoke machine.

If you sing well and the date goes well you will unlock the position of the jade statues on your mini-map. After you gain this ability, take the time to go to every location you can reach that contains a Jade Statue.

Certain statues can only be acquired by doing specific missions, but the majority of them can be collected at any time, so long as you do the footwork to collect them. This can provide a significant early game boost to your martial arts skills.

Impress “Not Ping”

  • Client: Not-ping.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: Spy Cameras Appear at your mini-map.

Shortly after you plant bugs at the Golden Koi kitchen for Pendrew, you will get a call from “Not-ping”. Go meet her at her shop at North Point and set up a date with her.

Not-ping’s idea of a date is not conventional. She wants to see Wei hack up some spy cameras. She will take you to the nearby park and there you have to hack a camera but first you need to get rid of the guard near it.

Go talk to him and make him leave then go talk to Not-ping and tell her to keep a lookout incase the guard comes back.

You have exactly one minute before the guard comes back to hack the camera. If you guessed correct numbers in the allocated time Not-ping will be impressed with you and will invite you to some “hot coffee” back at her place. This completes the favor.

Red Handed Tiffany

  • Client: Calvin.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: HK $500.

You will be able to meet Calvin after you have completed the “Chain of Evidence” main mission and done the favor for Not-ping. It seems like Calvin has some interesting information regarding Tiffany for you.

Calvin tells Wei that Tiffany is seeing another person, Longfinger Chau, behind Wei’s back. Wei’s initially responds to this with disbelief.

Calvin takes Wei to the payphone from which Tiffany made the call to her secret boyfriend. Wei plants a bug on that payphone and then stalks it the whole day awaiting for tiffany to come and call again.

Finally she comes and makes the call which proves Calvin’s claims true. This completes the quest.

Following Tiffany

  • Client: Calvin.
  • Location: North Point.
  • Reward: Police surveillance Report: Tiffany Kim.

Calvin is a fast worker he has solid information that Tiffany is about to go meet Chau. Wei needs to go to Tiffany’s apartment quickly.

Once you get to her apartment wait for Tiffany to enter her car and then tail her. Be sure like any another time you tail a vehicle do not get too close to it. She will eventually stop at the park and meet Chau there.

Run up to the cheating scumbag of a girl and confront the pair. Where she will tell the Wei that she knows about Not-ping and Wei and that she is done with him.

After this read the surveillance report on Tiffany to learn some interesting things about her personal life.

Truck Recovery

  • Client: Jimmy
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Reward: HK $2500

You will meet Jimmy by the Aberdeen docks. He has lost a cargo truck in a bet and now he wants Wie to get it back for him.

You have got three minutes to find and secure the truck for Jimmy. Conveniently a super fast bike is parked near Jimmy. Get on it and chase the truck down using the GPS on your mini map. Once near the truck perform an action Hi-jack to capture.

After this you will have to evade the police with level 1 heat before you can go park it in the Kennedy Docks garage.

Cheaters Never Prosper Part Two

  • Client: Bad Driver Loo
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $500

Bad Driver Lo can be found at Roland’s Ho impound. Another driver Big nose Chang cheated Loo and he wants you to go cheat Chang a lesson. The car Loo lost to is parked under an overpass not too far from the Impound Lot.

You’ve got a little under two-and-a-half minutes to ride over to Chang’s car before you miss your chance. When you reach the racer, take a tire iron from its trunk and go to work on the car until Chang and a buddy come running out

Beat them both with the tire iron and this will complete this favor.

Just A Little Driving

  • Client: Calvin
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $2000

Calvin can be found outside the store in central. This time round Calvin needs a “ride” after shooting down an unprepared cheating gambler.

Get in the car and evade the police with level 3 heat. this time it will be more difficult as Calvin keeps on shooting the police vehicle forcing them to shoot back at you.

Once you have evaded the police drop off Calvin anywhere to complete this favor.

Turn Losers Into Winners

  • Client: Harry
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $2000

Harry wants you to take his truck full of birds and get rid of it so the insurance can pay for his losses. Just as the first scam you pulled this is pretty much the same.

Get into Harry’s truck and follow your GPS to launch ramp to launch the car into the sea. Remember that Harry’s truck won’t survive many collisions in the state that it is in. So drive extra carefully.

Photograph Amanda

  • Client: Amanda
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: Health Shrines appear on your mini-map, Surveillance Report on Amanda Cartwright

After you complete her main story mission you acquire Amanda’s number. Call her up and she will be happy to set up a date with you.

The date has a bad start when the park Amanda wants to visit is closed. However Wei can easily bribe the guard to let them in. Once in you will be required to take several photos whenever she strikes a pose.

After several pictures, she’s satisfied, and you can leave. The two share a private moment with each other after the photo shoot is completed.

RiffRaff Disposal

  • Client: Shirwin
  • Location: Central Gambling Den
  • Reward: HK $2000, Central Gambling Den

Shirwin can be found at the door of the barge hiding a gambling den north of Central’s coast. Some fools are holding illegal games on the deck of the ship which will attract the cop’s attention. Shirwin doesnot want that to happen he wants Wei to clear them out.

From here on out this quest is a simple brawl clear out the ships from these louts and the quest will be completed. As a reward Shirwin will grant you entry to the gambling den.

This is likely your first opportunity to snag the Jade Statue that is inside the gambling den.

Another mission later in the story will bring you back here, but there’s no reason to hold off on grabbing the statue now.

There’s also a Lock Box on the deck of the ship near the entrance to the den.

Drunk Disposal

  • Client: Carmichael
  • Location: Aberdeen Gambling Den
  • Reward: HK $2000, Aberdeen Gambling Den

The doorman to the gambling den off the southern coast is having issues with some drunks on board the barge scaring off other customers. He wants Wei to handle it, since the doorman can’t leave the doors unguarded.

You’re not supposed to kill these guys. You only need to throw them overboard. There’s only two, and they don’t resist so much as they beg for mercy or try to run away. Once the deed is done, Carmichael grants you access to the gambling den.

There’s a Lock Box atop one of the cargo containers on the deck of the barge. Don’t miss it while you’re here!

Escort An Ally

  • Client: Duke
  • Location: North Point
  • Reward: HK $2000

You will find Duke in 18k territory by a site of a bad auto accident. He needs a ride out of the territoery before the 18k show up. Get yourself a car to get out of there. As soon as you are in your car Duke’s crashed one is going to explode attracting all the 18k thugs in the vicinity.

You’re given a pistol at the start of the drive, so use it to wipe out your pursuers while driving away from their territory. Check the mini-map to see how close you are to leaving their area, and plan your course accordingly.

Distract The Cops

  • Client: Shao
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $2000

Shao can be found near the location of the second martial arts club, and he’s in a bit of a bind. He was sent to collect protection money from a vendor, but they were tipped off that he was coming and they called the cops to act as guards. Shao wants Wei to draw the cops away from the vendor so he is able to do his job.

In order to get the cops’ attention start chucking tin cans at them. They will soon grow tired of this and give you chase.

Run through the martial arts club gathering and keep climbing up the rooftops until you eventually reach the back entrance to the Galleria Mall, where the cops lose track of you.

This will give enough time to Shao to collect the protection money.

Pied Piper

  • Client: Kang
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $2000

Kang’s girlfriend has been seeing a cocky big shot, and Kang wants to get rid of him. The problem is that he’s got many powerful friends, and Kang can’t touch him. However, he figures the next best way to get rid of him would be to hand him over to the HKPD, and this is where Wei comes in.

At the start of the favor, you’ve got three minutes to get the cops on your tail and then lead them to the Repo Yard where Kang’s nemesis is doing business.

Fortunately, there’s a convenient pair of cops close by that you can run up to and attack to get their attention.

With the pursuit started, lead them to the Repo Yard, where a firefight breaks out between the HKPD and the Triad members.

Having successfully done your part to get Kang’s enemy put away, you need to evade the cops yourself. When that’s done, the favor is complete.

That is easier said than done. A level 3 Heat rating is nothing to sneeze at. Don’t be surprised if you need to switch vehicles, as the incoming fire from the cops can make escape difficult.

Cheaters Never Prosper, Part three

  • Client: Bad Driver Loo
  • Location: Kennedy Town
  • Reward: HK $500

Loo has been cheated out of a victory again and he wants you take the cheater “No Brake” Cho and his car out again.

No Brake Cho’s car is all the way in Aberdeen, which is a short ride away from Kennedy Town. There’s a really fast bike close to Loo, and you need to take it if you want to have any chance of getting to the car within the two minutes and forty seconds you’re given.

An essential shortcut can be taken with this bike: a big ramp that leads directly to the freeway you have to take to get to the car. The bike starts off facing this ramp, so it is hard to miss.

Once you get to the car you will find all the racers you have beaten up for Loo are waiting for you.Well beat them all again for another time and trash the car with the tire iron from the trunk. this will complete the favor.

Convoy Intercept

  • Client: Big Eddie Kwong
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $3500

An enforcer for the Sun On Yee, Big Eddie is trying to keep the pressure on the 18k even as the Sun On Yee threatens to fall apart from within. Giving you a motorcycle and an SMG, Big Eddie wants you to take out four moving vans that are moving the 18k’s drugs across the city.

This is a fun mission. At the start, you have one minute to get to the freeway the convoy is travelling on, but once you’re there, you have pretty much all the time in the world to wipe out the four moving vans.

The 18k will not take this lying down, though. They’ve got gunners in the backs of the vans, and guards are swarming the area on motorcycles.

The vans themselves are incredibly resilient to gunfire, and disabling them means you’ll have to shoot out more than one tire.

Make sure to take time to wipe out some enemy motorcyclists during the chase! Left alone for too long, they can become a real nuisance.

The HKPD may get involved during this chase. Do your best to avoid making them casualties, as this will only call down more Heat and make your life incredibly difficult. Once you’ve taken out the four vans, the mission is complete.

Safe Delivery

  • Client: Big Eddie Kwong
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Reward: HK $5000

Big Eddie has a shipment of dope coming from the mainland that he needs to ensure is safely delivered. He wants Wei to ride shotgun with him to ensure his own safety.

This favor is not as easy as Convoy Intercept. You’re limited entirely to a defensive role, and as a passenger you don’t enjoy the same bullet time benefits of aiming while driving.

Big Eddie’s car is tough, but it’s far from invincible, and its health is tracked by a meter that helps give you an idea of how well you’re doing. You must destroy the gangsters quickly before they can settle into a good firing position on the car.

Eventually, Big Eddie will drop you off once you’ve reached safe territory and the mission is complete.

Pied Piper Redux

  • Client: Conroy
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Reward: HK $2000

Conroy has managed to formulate a plan on how to get rid of a rival drug dealer from Dogeyes’ old crew. He suggests drawing the cops to the dealer in order to get him taken out without directly getting the Water Street Gang involved.

You’ve got three minutes after talking to Conroy to get some police attention, and then drag them over to the hostile dealer’s location.

There are some cops nearby whose attention can be grabbed very easily, and the dealer himself is actually quite close to Conroy’s position.

The real part of this quest is too evade the police after you have busted the drug dealer but Aberdeen is choke full of fast cars and fast bikes that will leave police pursuit cars in dust behind it.

Escort An Ally Redux

  • Client: Red
  • Location: North Point
  • Reward: HK $2000

Red has gotten himself into trouble with the 18k, and he needs a getaway driver yesterday. That’s where Wei Shen comes in.

Get yourself a car and get out of 18k territory fast. Drive hard and fast, and use the pistol you’re given to thin out the herd as you make the escape.

This mission quite similar to the one involving Duke except 18k don’t give up once you exit their territory, sending out one last wave to try and take you down.

Show What You Have Got

  • Client: Dusty
  • Location: Kennedy Town
  • Reward: HK $1500.

Dusty is supposed to have taken videos of freerunners doing their thing throughout Kennedy Town, but instead managed to get blasted sky high off of drugs.

While he hasn’t quite returned to earth, he’s still conscious enough to know he needs a freerunner to show some moves for him now, and Wei Shen isn’t a bad replacement runner.

This is a quick and straightforward run. Use all of your freerunning moves to quickly pass over and around all obstacles, and follow the trail of yellow flares to the goal, marked by a blue flare.

You’ve got thirty-five seconds to make it once you start, which is more than enough time if you avoid stumbling on obstacles and people.

During this run, you’ll pass a Health Shrine. You can’t pick it up during the run, but it’s easy enough to go back and retrieve it later.

Show What Have You Got Again

  • Client: Dusty
  • Location: Kennedy Town
  • Reward: HK $2000

Tripping hard off of ‘shrooms, Dusty lost the runner he was supposed to film, and he needs Wei’s help once more.

Another quick run to make, you still have thirty-five seconds to reach the goal flare, but the course you’re expected to run is a bit more complex this time, and there are a lot more people in the way.

As long as you’re on point with your freerunning moves, any slowdown caused by pedestrians shouldn’t be enough to prevent you from reaching the goal on time.

Make Ilyana Sweat

  • Client: Ilyana
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: Lock Boxes appear on the mini-map

After meeting Ilyana at the K-Bar during King’s visit to Hong Kong, Wei managed to get her phone number. After a phone call, she agrees to meet Wei at the club for a date.

Ilyana’s idea for a date is a freerunning race across the rooftops behind the K-Bar. It’s a simple race—just follow the directional arrows to guide you along the right route and use the Action button to clear obstacles quickly.

You should be able to beat Ilyana to the finish line. Making her sweat on the rooftops gives Wei the ability to see Lock Boxes on the mini-map.

Real Men Don’t Karoake

  • Client: Jack
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $500

Jack has a problem many people have—he can’t sing. He’s terrible at karaoke, and his girlfriend thinks that real men ought to be able to sing. He wants Wei to show her how wrong she is by singing poorly at the K-Bar’s Karaoke room.

This is as simple as favors get. Pick any song, and do your worst. After you turn in a heart-wrenching performance of your favorite track, Jack’s girlfriend realizes that he’s not all that bad, and you get some pocket change (and possibly some laughs) for your efforts.

Fast and Hot Sandra

  • Client: Sandra
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Reward: HK $15000, Victoria Peak Races

After the “Fast Girls” Main Story mission, Sandra informs Wei that he is allowed to take her on a second date, and gives him her phone number. Call her up as soon as possible, and she agrees to go out with Wei and waits for him in Aberdeen. Once you get there, Sandra already has a supercar lined up for the ride, and she has speed on her mind.

To satisfy Sandra, you need to race at full bore for a full minute. No letting off the gas, no hitting the brakes. The solution should be obvious: Plot a course to a nearby freeway, and hold down the accelerator once you’re there.

The curves here are easy to take at full speed, and the car you’re using is incredibly maneuverable, allowing you slip through traffic with ease.

After a minute of pure speed, Sandra requests to be taken back to her apartment. After they spend some quality time together, Wei earns some cash and access to races on Victoria Peak.

Tang’s Toy

  • Client: Dr. Tang
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $500, Tourist Outfit

Dr. Tang wants Wei to test out a new tracking device that he has developed for the Sun On Yee. If it works as well as he advertises, the Triad will have a new and easier way to smuggle drugs and weapons throughout Hong Kong.

The tricky part is in how Tang wants you to test the device. It’s currently flowing through the sewers, and in order to track it, you need to drive after it in his test van.

This will take you on a complex, winding path throughout much of Central, following blue flares as they appear on the ground.

The flares disappear on their own, indicating that the tracker has moved on. If you fall too far behind, you’ll fail the favor.

It’s a good thing that Cop points are not on the line during this mission. You can expect some serious collateral damage, and much of the path you’re expected to drive takes you through areas filled with heavy foot traffic. This, in turn, can get the cops to start chasing you.

Tang’s New Toy

  • Client: Dr. Tang
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $1500

The Sun On Yee scientist has deployed another tracker, but this time it’s moving faster than before. He’s provided another vehicle for you to chase it down.

It’s another wild drive through Central in pursuit of a package you haven’t even seen for yourself.

The car Tang has set up for this favor is much smaller than the van from before, which means you can expect to be taken though some tighter spaces for the chase. The flares disappear much faster this time, so mistakes in your driving can prove more costly.

Tang’s Newer Toy

  • Client: Dr. Tang
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $2000

The mad doctor has one final test for you to run. A specialized GPS device that he is working on is supposed to be capable of helping you evade the HKPD with greater ease. To test this, he wants you to drive through Central on a scooter.

This drive is shorter than the others, but still fairly tough if you’re trying to avoid civilian casualties. The scooter loses speed for hitting pedestrians, and the flares vanish even quicker. Happy driving!

Beat The Heat

  • Client: Calvin
  • Location: Central
  • Reward: HK $10000

Calvin is waiting by the Undercover Police HQ in Central, and when he spots Wei he asks yet again for Wei to act as a driver. The reason for this becomes explosively clear as most of the vehicles in the parking lot are reduced to flaming piles of metal.

You can’t fault Calvin for his ambition. As soon as you climb into the getaway car, the Heat level shoots up to 4. You have to lose these cops fast. The amount of gunfire they’ll be pouring at you will destroy your ride very quickly.

Taking large jumps can help shake the cops quicker, so look for opportunities to take flight. Large stairwells can also act as sufficient ramps to help launch your car while evading the Heat, particularly near the dining hall the wedding took place in and the surrounding park area.

Once the police give up the chase, stop to drop Calvin off anywhere you please.

Broken Parts

  • Client: Chow
  • Location: Aberdeen
  • Reward: HK $2500

Off to the side of a street in Aberdeen, you can find Chow lamenting his inability to fix his motorcycle, and he asks for your assistance.
Stop me if you’ve heard this setup before.

Yes, it’s a trap. A mugger comes running up while you inspect the bike, clocks you in the back of the head, and runs off with a chunk of your cash.

Chase him across the street, where the thief makes an epic leap off the ledge in hopes of escaping you- only to break his leg on the landing.

If it weren’t for that whole “punching you in the back of the head” thing, one might feel inclined to show some sympathy to the poor idiot. Finish him off to get your money back.

Cop Pursuit

Client: Calvin

It is favor given in Sleeping Dogs by Calvin

Susan’s Lunch

  • Client: Susan
  • Location: Night Market
  • Reward: HK $200

After Wei has collected his payment from the Night Market Vendors, another Vendor, Susan, asks him to run some money over tk. The Golden Koi to pay for her lunch.

The waypoint is locked to Golden Koi restaurant. Make your way through the market. As you reach the front of the restaurant, a group of thugs will be outside ready to fight you. Take care of them before heading on. Just pay up the cash.

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