Sleeping Dogs Errors and Fixes Guide

How to fix errors, crashes, bugs and other related issues in Sleeping Dogs.

While PC gamers enjoy the freedom of customization and HD texture packs, they also face problems sometimes in making the game work properly. These small issues can sometime ruin the experience of playing otherwise an exciting game but our Sleeping Dogs Errors and Fixes guide should prove useful.

Sleeping Dogs Errors and Fixes

In order to avoid these annoying issues, we have compiled this list of workarounds that should get you going until the game is patched.

#1 Can’t Download Sleeping Dogs (Steam) Due to An Encryption
Steam has recently implemented a new unpackig system which keep the files locked till the release time. If you can’t download the game, it might not have been released in your region just yet.

#2 Sleeping Dogs High Resolution Texture Pack
If you want more eye candy graphics in Sleeping Dogs for PC, you can give this high resolution pack a shot.

#3 Keyboard ‘Up Key Moving Fast’ Fix
If your Up key on the keyboard seems like moving too fast, you can fix it with the following workaround:

  • Open Device Manager and then Human Interface Devices.
  • Disable all the devices under the heading (both HID and USB devices)
  • Launch the game again with your controller or any joystick being unplugged.

#4 Game World Disappears After Graphics Change
If changing the graphics settings resulted in disappearing World, change the settings back to the previous to resolve the issue. If that doesn’t help, restart the game.


#5 I am getting Corrupt Game Files on the Steam Version
Restart the Steam. It will update the game after the restart and problem will be fixed.

#6 How to Import Just Cause 2 Data in Sleeping Dogs
Square Enix promised a special outfit for the players who have played Just Cause 2. The outfit will give players boost in hijack ability allowing them to perform stylish stunt takeovers from greater distances.

If you still have a save for the 2010-released Avalanche Studios title, don’t delete it. Upon booting Sleeping Dogs and browsing Wei Shen’s safehouse wardrobe, you’ll find an outfit based on Rico Rodriguez’ trademark look. It will give players a “distinct boost” to their hijack ability, allowing them to perform stylish stunt takeovers from greater distances.

#7 Low FPS on Nvidia Cards
The game is basically optimized on AMD cards but you can noticeably make the frames better on Nvidia cards by Enabling Quality Anti-Aliasing and by setting Screen Space Ambient Occlusion to Normal.

#8 Can not Remap to Arrow keys
This can be done on number pad arrow keys only and for that you have to download AutoHotKey. When prompted to write the first script, press yes and then delete whatever there is on the notepad to replace it with

  • up::w
  • down::s
  • left::a
  • right::d
  • Numpad8::up
  • Numpad5::down
  • Numpad4::left
  • Numpad6::right
  • NumpadAdd::Enter
  • NumpadEnter::Backspace

Right Click on the AutoHotKey Icon in the notification tray and choose reload script. In future if you want to use the normal arrow keys just start AutoHotKey and you will be good to go.

#9 Black Screen During Cutscenes
The Only Remedy available for this issue is to reinstall the game.

#10 FPS Stuttering?
This may happen on high end gaming systems, particularly  during day time. The issue can be resolved as follows.

  • Start the game and enable windowed mode
  • Select Borderless Fullscreen Windowed to make the game borderless

#11 Constantly Scrolling Up
This problem is caused by Controller drivers and you can fix it by Disabling Human Interface Drivers as follows:

  • Go to Device Manger and then to Human Interface Devices
  • Right click on an that say HID-Compiant user control device.

Right Click to disable every device other than the keyboard

# If you can’t Find Anything, Contact Support
If you aren’t able to find solution to any particular problem of yours, you can always contact support for assistance. Americans should follow this link while Europians can contact support here.

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