Sleeping Dogs Developer Not Developing Sleeping Dogs 2 For Now

In 2012, United Front Games and Square Enix London released Sleeping Dogs, a Grand Theft Auto-like open-world adventure game that told the story of Wei Shen, a Hong Kong citizen that was forced to choose between his loyalty to his own gang, and his loyalty to the police. Unfortunately, the Sleeping Dogs developer doesn’t appear to be developing a sequel anytime soon.

Instead, United Front Games is working on a three-on-three team battler game for the PC, known as “Smash & Grab.” While another game called “Triad Wars” was announced back in 2015, it was soon cancelled.

However, United Front Games also has a few bad patches in its development history, most notably Halo: the Master Chief Collection, which got a very bad panning from the gaming community after it turned out that United Front released a buggy mess that was nearly unplayable in multiplayer.

Whatever the Sleeping Dogs developer’s plans are now, though, it’s likely that we won’t be seeing a Sleeping Dogs 2 for a long time, even despite its good reviews and high sales. While there’s likely plenty of demand for it, either United Front Games intends to get to it eventually or Square Enix has contracted another company to develop the game.

Smash & Grab is a PC exclusive game that serves as a three-on-three team battler. Smash & Grab apparently will debut on Steam Early Access sometime in September, and will include two multiplayer modes, two maps, and an offline practice mode. In the game, you and your team compete against the other team to steal 50,000 dollars in loot in the space of fifteen minutes. The team that gets the most money wins.

Either way, regardless of how well Smash & Grab does, much of the gaming community will want to know if the Sleeping Dogs developer will ever start work on the sequel, or if the story of Wei Shen ended at the finale of Sleeping Dogs. If you’re interested in Smash & Grab, you can look at the trailer above.

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