Sledgehammer Games Head Glen Schofield Leaves Activision After Ten Years

Glen Schofield, head of Sledgehammer Games, today announced that he was leaving Activision after ten years with the company. Schofield made the announcement on Twitter, saying that he was ready for something new after Sledgehammer had made three different Call of Duty games under his leadership. He hasn’t yet said where he’s going.

Sledgehammer is one of Activision’s three different Call of Duty developers, alongside Treyarch and Infinity Ward. Together, the three studios take on the responsibility of developing each year’s Call of Duty game, but considering it’s Sledgehammer’s turn next, this could have come at a better time.

While Black Ops 4 will likely remain in rotation for a good long while, Schofield leaving when it’s Sledgehammer’s turn to do 2020’s Call of Duty game might put the studio in a bad position. The fact that previously it was said that Glen Schofield was going to just be leaving Sledgehammer to take up new administrative duties at Activision also makes the situation odder.

However, just because he’s leaving Activision doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s done with gaming entirely. Schofield was previously VP and general manager of Visceral Games, and has said that he’s still got a few good ideas left in him. We may be seeing the precursor to him starting up his own studio, as many gaming bigwigs that leave their parent studios decide to do.

Exactly what is in Glen Schofield’s future as a newly unemployed gaming president remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ll be seeing what he ends up doing pretty soon. In the meantime, hopefully Sledgehammer Games is able to quickly bring in a new head so that they can get to work on their next Call of Duty game, whatever it’s going to be.

We also wish Mr. Schofield luck in his future endeavors.

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