Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Kylo Ren Boss Guide

In this guide, we'll walk you through each phase of the Kylo Ren Boss fight in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga and get rid of him quickly.

While embarking on the exciting action-adventures of Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga, players will face several different enemies in the different missions of various episodes. Like many villains, players will butt heads with Kylo Ren in three different episodes; each time, he needs to be defeated. In this guide, we’ll walk you through each phase of the Kylo Ren Boss fight in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga and share tips and tricks to get rid of him efficiently and quickly.

How To Defeat Kylo Ren In Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Players will face Kylo Ren in three different chapters while playing Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. The initial interaction will be taking place in Episode 7, ‘The Force Awakens’, while you’re on the ‘Destroying Starkiller’ mission. Whereas the other two interactions will be taking place in Episode 8 The Last Jedi during Salt in Kylo’s Eye,’ and Episode 9, ‘Rise of Skywalker.’

Below we’ve described all three fights of the Kylo Ren boss fight in Skywalker Saga to make it easier for you to defeat the boss.

First Fight – Episode 7 (Destroying Starkiller)

As you approach the final level of episode seven, you’ll be meeting  Kylo Ren in ‘The Destruction of the Starkiller.’ Once you’ve completed attacking the Starkiller base and piloted the spaceship, Kylo Ren will meet you in the nearby forest. Finn and Rey will fight the boss from the player’s end until his health bar drops to zero. Episode 7 fight consists about three phases of battle.

Phase One
To finesse this boss fight, players should be aware of the type of attacks that the boss will advance.

As the battle starts, you will be introduced to the ‘Red Attacks,’ mainly consisting of Kylo Ren executing long jumps and ground slams. He will also be charging toward the player through his lightsaber. These attacks can be easily avoided by keeping a close eye and dodging and running around the forest.

Since Kylo Ren will be carrying his lightsaber at all times with him during the boss fight, it is only suitable that you also choose a character with a lightsaber to increase the fight compatibility and to deal more damage. In your case, you’ll be using Finn as the lead man.

Although the boss will be annoyingly blocking all the blaster attacks through the lightsaber, in hindsight, you’ll also be able to do that since you’ll be using one too. You just have to be careful, as the attacks can fall back on you and eventually kill your character.

You’ll also be wrestling Kylo Ren in between the fight as soon as a quick time event triggers. You’ll be putting your lightsaber against his and smashing into it to win the wrestle. Press frantically, and you should be able to win it in no time.

Phase Two
Keep dodging the attacks while advancing them towards him, too, to bring down his three health bars. Once that happens, he will cowardly run away while knocking down some objects, and you will be required to chase him down.

So start selecting each object that fell down and start destroying them. You’ll begin making your way to Kylo Ren. You will be facing smaller enemies along the way; however, we recommend dealing with them only if they come with some rewards.

Once you reach Kylo Ren, you’ll be required to end the fight. Fortunately, you’ll encounter no surprises, and the boss will use all previous attacks. So use the strategies as before.

Empty the health bar, and as the second health bar drains, another quick time event will be triggered; however, this time, Finn’s light saber will be taken away.

Phase Three
With no lightsaber to use, Finn will be required to now use the blaster attacks from here onwards. While you’re on your last phase, a mob of smaller enemies will enter the arena, and you will also have to take care of them as you deal with Kylo Ren.

Switch to Rey, who has a lightsaber, while using Finn’s blaster to clear the field. Now follow where the boss is headed, and you’ll be met with a rocky wall. Use your skills to get on top and fight Rey. Finally, the battle will end in a Cut Scene.

Second Fight – Episode 8 (Salt in Kylo’s Eye)

The second part of the Kylo Ren boss fight isn’t as dramatic and eventful as the first one and does not have exaggerating phases. Instead, it is a short one you’ll be dealing with once you’ve made your way into Episode 8 ‘Salt in Kylo’s Eye.’ You’ll encounter him when you’re on the fifth stage of the episode.

This fight gives you the liberty to either battle the boss at the very start of the level or towards the end once you’ve gone through all of the caves.

Whatever choice you make, this fight does not require you to attack the boss; instead, you’re required to wait for a quick time event to execute it correctly by quickly smashing the button on the screen.

With each successful event, Kylo Ren’s health bar will drain down, and you will become resistant to his attacks.

Each time the bar drops, he will ask the troops to attack Luke. However, you’re not required to do anything. Just wait for the prompt to appear on the screen and smash the button. Once the health bar drops completely, the fight will end.

Third Fight – Episode 9 (Be Strong Enough)

The third and final part of the Saga Kylo Ren Boss will occur once you’ve made your way towards Episode 9. You’ll encounter Kylo Ren towards the end of this episode when you’re out exploring Death Star II’s wreckage. This fight is divided into three phases.

Phase One
This boss fight will be the same in terms of the fight strategy as we mentioned above in the First Fight Episode 7 (Destroying Starkiller); however, there will be some puzzles included in each phase that you’re required to solve.

As soon as the fight starts, we recommend using your lightsaber and melee attacks to dodge attacks from the boss meanwhile also producing them to lower his health bar.

Keep in mind that any attack with red animation around is pretty strong so you must be prepared to deal with it.

You should be able to bring the boss down with a lot of back and forth of dodging, attacking, and smashing the display button. Once that happens, the boss will run away, and you have to chase him down by solving the puzzles on the way with the character of your choice.

You’ll face blockage as you move forward. First, select Rey and move the stone block to the pit in the front. Then switch to BB-8 and grab the interactive hook to unlock a tunnel for the droid to go through and reach the other side of the room to press the two buttons. Once that’s done, the droid must help Rey to come across the room.

For that, have the droid stand on the right button and then switch to Rey to grab the bar. Go along the way, but you’ll have to stop in between.

Now switch back to the droid and have it stand on the left button. Switch back to Rey and jump across to reach the platform at the distance avoiding the elements beneath.

Now use Rey to cut the pictured wall with the lightsaber and unleash another small pit. Switch to droid to go through it to reach Rey. Now destroy all the objects nearby and build a terminal for your droid and interact with it to complete the mini-game. Once done, you’ll unlock your way to Kylo Ren.

Phase Two
You will have to bring Kylo Ren’s second health bar to zero as the second phase starts. This should be easy by now, as you’ve faced him so many times at this point. With the combo of lightsaber and melee attack with some extra dodging, you should be able to do that in no time. Overpower the boss once again, and the floor will shatter apart.

You’ll end up in a new area and the platform will be getting hit by strong waves indicated by the red animation. Look out for the waves and then cross over. You’ll find a round object platform here, jump here, and then farther into a stable platform.

Phase Three
Phase Three gets easier as you have your BB-8 with you. Apart from the lightsaber and melee attacks you’ve been using as your main strategy, you can also have the droid cover the arena by grappling the hooks around the area.

Once planted successfully, it will release electricity, which will cause massive damage upon any contact. You can push the boss into them, and his health bar will dramatically decrease.

Be careful, though, since you’re not exempted from this deadly effect. Any contact can damage you as well. Moreover, you can also push the boss into the wave every time you spot a red line or circle. Waves can grab and take him away, resulting in an instant win.

Finally, you can wrestle with him in the quick time event, and upon successful execution, the victory will be yours. But, remember you must exhaust his health bar three times.

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