Skylanders Trap Team Skystone Smash Guide

Skystones Smash is a new game played inside Skylands. During your adventure, almost every chapter will include at least one...

Skystones Smash is a new game played inside Skylands. During your adventure, almost every chapter will include at least one Skystone player ready to challenge you in a game of cards.

Although you won’t learn how to play Skystones Smash until you meet Batterson in Chapter 5: Chef Zeppelin, you meet the first Skystone player while battling The Gulper in the first chapter.

Skylanders Trap Team Skystone Smash Tips

Here are a few tips and tricks, along with information regarding Skystones Smash that you would find useful:

Acquiring Skystones
The only way to collect Skystones is by defeating the villains listed at the beginning of every level. The portraits of these foes can be seen during the stage loading screen, and then on the Dares screen.

Once you defeat the villain for the first time, regardless of whether or not you trap them, they will be added to your Skystones collection.

Learning how to balance the Skystones you use against the enemy is something very important. The first and most important thing is to understand that it is redundant and unnecessary if you use extremely powerful Skystones to take out weak foes.


The best way to do things is to balance it out; if you need to take out the enemy’s weakest Skystone, use your weakest or most average foe for it.

Remember, the additional damage your Skystone does is not carried over to the enemy, so striking a 1 HP enemy with a 5 Attack Power is as useful as striking it with 1 Attack Power, as the remaining 4 Attack Power points will go to complete waste.

Utilizing Glass Cannons
There are many Skystones with very high attack but very low health. Don’t discredit these Skystones, as you’ll be surprised by their ‘expendability’ and the surprising amount of damage you can get out of them.

Try to utilize their attack power by either damaging the enemy directly or by taking out the most powerful Skystone on the foe’s side.

Special Ability Skystones
There are certain Skytones in Skystone Smash who have a special ability that is activated only when they are played. These abilities are the first action taken when the character card has been placed.

Each effect takes place only when the Skystone is placed, and for the rest of the rounds it is treated as a regular Skystone. These certain types of characters have lots of strategic value and can be used to tactically set off your opponent.

The following are the Special Abilities, along with their Skystones.

Damages every opponent Skystone currently in play. The number of fireballs on the Skystone indicate how much damage is done to each Skystone. Skystones: Chef Pepper Jack, Wolfgang.

Heart Boost
Restores your health. With Heart Boost you can push your health above its original starting value (10). The number of hearts on the Skystone indicate how much health is restored. Skystones: Chompy Mage, Golden Queen.

Damages the other player directly. The number of lightning bolts on the stone indicates the damage. Skytone: Dreamcatcher.

Changes one of the other player’s Skystones into a sheep with one health. The target is always the Skystone across from where you place the Sheepify Skystone, unless the slot is blank.

In the latter case the Sheepify Skystone will target the opponent’s most powerful Skystone.

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