Skylanders Trap Team Kaos Doom Challenges Guide

In Skylanders Trap Team, you can take part in a special horde-based mode called Kaos Doom. Kaos has put up a challenge for you and created a challenge that will tests the best of the best Skylanders.

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Skylanders Trap Team Kaos Doom Challenges

In Kaos Doom, there are multiple waves of minions set across different stage. There are 100 waves in total, distributed in 9 different stages. You must complete the current stage in order to unlock the next one and progress.

While you are facing the waves, the enemy minions will try to overwhelm your defense towers and open the locks to the Mystery Box of Doom. The goal is to survive the challenge no matter what.

When you enter a challenge, it is essential that you have a wide variety of Skylanders, as the Towers can only be activated by those Skylanders who have the same element as the tower. The only exception to this rule are the multiple elemental towers, which are overall quite rare.

Each wave is split into two phases: the Build Phase and the Combat Phase.

During Build Phase, you can create defenses against enemies close to the Tower spots, and once you have erected your towers and readied yourself, you can start the Combat Phase by using the wave switch held by the hovering robot.

If all the towers survive a wave during the Combat Phase, they will be upgraded and made more powerful during the next Build Phase. After the last wave Persephone will upgrade your Skylanders, and you can then step into the portal to proceed to the next challenge.

Mystery Box of Doom
If and when the Mystery Box of Doom is breached, a huge monster will come out of it.

If the monster is defeated by you, another Mystery Box will appear for the next wave. The content on the Mystery Box of Doom are random and can be any one of the following foes: Cuckoo Clocker, Pain Yatta, Eye Five, Grave Clobber, Brawl and Chain, Scrap Shooter, Troll Warrior.

Kaos Doom Tips and Strategy

Waves 1-3
Enemies: Plant Warrior, Grinnade, Cuckoo Clocker

This is a tutorial stage for Kaos Doom. The first three waves will get you accustomed to the methods of defending your zone and preventing enemies from opening the Mystery Box of Doom.

There is no need to create the Tower here immediately; simply finish off the first set of Grinnades and Plant Warriors, and prior to the second wave set up a Tower.

Before the third wave, make sure you set up another tower, and stand near it. The next set of enemies are the Cuckoo Clockers, who are relatively heavier and will destroy the towers if you do not intervene.

Stand next to the Tower and work with your best attacks to get rid of these foes, and you should be done with the first of 9 different Kaos Doom stages.

Enfuego Rain Temple

Waves 4-10
Enemies: Cuckoo Clocker, Troll Warrior, Bomb Shell, Grinnade

From here onwards you will need to use a villain or Skylander of the same element of the Towers in order to construct them. The only exception is obviously the multi-elemental Towers, which are mostly a rarity.

During Wave 5, you will get a warning about Chompie rains. Watch the ground and avoid the red target reticules to prevent the rain from hurting you.

For this stage you will need to quickly determine which of the three doors the enemies are coming from, and intercept quickly even if you have a tower covering it.

Avoid the Troll Warriors and Grinnades as they can be dealt by the Tower, and focus on the heavier Cuckoo Clocker and the more lethal Bomb Shell – the latter will throw bombs towards you, which will be followed by an area of effect that will constantly damage whoever is in it.

Lure them away from Towers and quickly fend them off.

Horrible Something Temple

Waves 11-20
Enemies: Cuckoo Clocker, Troll Warior, Eggsecutioner, Bomb Shell, Grinnade

If you have a Fire Skylander, you’ll enjoy the bit of flames that heal you. The same can’t be said for everyone else. Wave 11 will start with fire surrounding all the Towers.

Keep close to them, but don’t stand near the vents unless you absolutely have to. Wave 12 will then introduce floor spikes. Not good.

To deal with this misery, stay on the cobbled stone section in the middle and utilize your ranged attacks, while moving out when enemies like Cuckoo Clockers or Bomb Shells threaten your towers or you.

After a few waves, you’ll notice more entrances for enemies. You’ll need to retreat from your current location and go as back as possible to get a good view of all the foes in the vicinity.

Long ranged attacks that deal damage to multiple enemies at once will prove to be useful, and you should go towards any of the towers that are under threat.

Worst Nightmare Marsh

Waves 21-30
Enemies: Pirate Henchmen, Eye Five, Pain Yatta, Shield Shredder, Tussle Sprout, Oogler

The two towers in this stage will play a vital role in your survivability. Keeping them erect should be your utmost priority, as upgrading them is extremely important in this stage.

During Wave 22 tombstones will appear which will summon bat clouds. Get rid of this nuisance ASAP or it will easily overwhelm you as they are a massive distraction from the real troubles of the wave.

While the Ooglers are fast, the real threat will come from bigger enemies like the Pain Yatta and Eye Five. The latter travel in groups but are slow enough for your ranged attacks to take them out, but if they get close to the tower you can kiss it goodbye.

For the Pain Yatta, you’ll need to intercept them to distract them from their targets – aggro them and then try to take them out.

Twice Doomed Marsh

Waves 31-40
Enemies: Pirate Henchmen, Eye Five, Pain Yatta, Oogler, Brawl and Chain

There is one tower that is covered with a boulder, and can only be moved by giant Skylanders. The heavier enemies will be introduced right from the start of this stage, and the nuisance tombstone bats are also back.

There is another trap introduced in this level as well which appears randomly in water and does a small amount of damage. The bigges worry comes when the quick Shield Shredders appear. These guys are fragile but extremely fast, and are experts at cutting down towers in no time.

When they appear, prioritize taking them out before they get close. They are easier to deal with than the larger enemies, but their speed and tower-shredding expertise can make them detrimental if ignored.

When the Brawl and Chain enemies arrive, you will need divert all your focus on them. They are quite slow, but they finish off Towers quite fast, and like most big enemies they have decent health.

Make sure you stand near the tower and attempt to take them out as quickly as possible, as they can destroy a fully upgraded tower within seconds if they attack in numbers.

Itchy Lillies Marsh

Waves 41-50
Enemies: Pirate Henchmen, Eye Five, Pain Yatta, Oogler, Brawl and Chain, Tussle Sprout, Evilikin Cannon

While 5 towers may make this seem like a cakewalk, two of them are right near the enemy spawn points, and are nearly impossible to defend. The key to the battle lies in for how many waves you can defend those two towers.

The pace of the battles is increased during these waves, and you have those bat tombstones and water traps once again. The best bet is to stay in the center of the stage and use attacks and traps to take down foes like Pain Yatta and Oogler.

Things really get out of hand during the last couple of waves as heavy enemies start to come out. They will wreck towers quite fast and can gain access to the Mystery Box of Doom fast.

You need to preserve your most powerful attacks for these enemies and try to take them out in clusters.

If a tower is about to fall, you shouldn’t bother saving it, and instead opt to stay in a strategically good position and take out as many as you can while they are distracted by the towers and the Mystery Box.

Kaos Fury Docks

Waves 51-65
Enemies: Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, Shield Skeleton, Krankenstein, Grinnade, Grave Clobber, Scrap Shooter

A new mechanic called Kaos Fury is introduced in this stage. There is a machine that builds up pressure over time, and when the pressure meter is completely filled it will release a mist and a new set of powerful enemies will emerge.

In order to release the pressure, you will need to activate the switch in the machine’s center to drop the gauge, after which the process will start once again.

The machine’s pressure carries over to the next wave, so it is of the utmost importance that you depressurize it whenever you get even a moment’s break to ease your progress in these waves.

The problem with this area is that it is small, and when the machine is at full pressure powerful enemies will further pack the arena, making it very hard to defend the two towers.

The ideal place is to stand between the towers and run to whichever one needs most assistance, while constantly attack the cluster of enemies.

The upside to this arena is that if you have powerful AoE skills you can take out multiple enemies quickly. Depending on your playstyle, this stage can be either very difficult or fairly manageable.

Twisted Twister Docks

Waves 66-80
Enemies: Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, Shield Skeleton, Krankenstein, Grinnade, Grave Clobber, Raven Warrior, Pain Yatta

There is a tower in this area that is covered with a boulder, so you’ll need a giant Skylander to move it.

The Kaos Fury in this stage will pressurize much more rapidly as compared to the previous challenge, so use even the smallest break to depressurize it or you’ll be quickly overwhelmed.

There is also a new trap in this arena that comes in the form of a twister, which can really disrupt a player if it catches him/her.

Stand in the center and move away from the twister whenever it comes towards you. You’ll have little time to breathe, as whenever there is some break you’ll have to rush to the machine to depressurize it.

Try to severely weaken foes and distribute your attacks evenly for the large set of towers to take them out. Your main focus should be to minimize the threat level generated by the Kaos Fury and to constantly attack while avoiding the annoying twister.

Finally Final Docks

Waves 81-100
Enemies: Cross Crow, Cuckoo Clocker, Shield Skeleton, Krankenstein, Grinnade, Grave Clobber, Raven Warrior, Pain Yatta, Brawlrus, Brawl and Chain, Scrap Shooter, Rocket Launchers

Oh boy, it’s the final challenge, and the hardest one yet. This is one time consuming stage as it consists of a whopping 20 waves, and the biggest test it puts forth is that of endurance and patience.

The area itself is a lot larger than most of the previous stages, so you’ll have to be constantly mobile and run around. The Kaos Fury machine still does its pressurizing thing, and there are two twisters to deal with instead of one.

A huge problem in this final stage is that it becomes excessively difficult to depressurize the Kaos Fury machine, as most of the times there will be a few sets of big enemies to take care of.

No matter how small of an opportunity you get to depressurize the machine, avail it and quickly run back to the far back area to have a good view of all the enemy spawns.

You should try to avoid picking out isolated foes and instead try to weaken hordes, then quickly move on to the next. This will prevent any of the five towers from being overburdened and make it much easier for them to be upgraded in the next wave.

Good luck, warrior!

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