Skylanders Trap Team Hats Locations Guide

All the Skylanders Trap Team Hats Locations.

Skylanders Trap Team hats hold a lot of significance considering they help your character level up by boosting stats. Each hat provides unique attribute and stats boost to your character, which makes finding them worth your effort.

Not only that, finding all hats counts towards 100 percent completion of the game so if you are into it, it’s a must!

Skylanders Trap Team Hats Locations

Hats in Skylanders Trap Team are hidden throughout different chapters in the game. During your playthrough of the underlined chapters, look for the location references provided in our guide to find the hats you are looking for.

Chapter 1 – Soda Springs

Turtle Hat
Location: In Seltzer Pit, look for the turtle nearest to the Bouncing Pads, push it over and hop on it to ride to the ledge where the Hat Box is. Inside the Hat Box you will find the Turtle Hat.

Melon Hat
Location: In Twisting Top use the large pumpkins to raise a platform filled with Chompies by shoving them on top of the wooden platform.

You will also have to fight off enemies while you are at it. After that, jump on top of the higher platform and get the Melon Hat from the box.

Bucket Hat
Location: In Sugar Free Landing you have to use multiple platforms starting from the left to reach the right bank. Then get to the higher ledge and jump across to the left side. There you will find the Bucket Hat.

Chapter 2 – Know-It-All Island

Sleuth Hat
Location: In the Stuck-Up Steppes, look for two stone platforms linked together, push all three stone blocks on to the one the left, jump on the right platform and finally, jump onto the ledge with the hat box. Inside it you will find the Sleuth Hat.

Hedgehog Hat
Location: In Windbag Woods, near the spinning arms, use the Bounce Pad and reach another chainsaw tank.

Get rid of it, and go on the trail of coins. This will lead you to Bounce Pads that will take you to a Bomb. Throw it on the tank to destroy it and create a path to the Hedgehog Hat.

Chapter 3 – Chompy Mountain

Horns Be With You Hat
Location: When you get on top of the round platforms, gates will block the way forward as well as backwards. In order to open the gate, collect every coin that appears and move on to the next platform.

Keep going to the third platform (while avoiding the orbs) and making sure that you collect all coins. This will open up the final gate and also get you the Horns Be With You Hat.

Paperboy Hat
Location: In Overgrown Ramparts when freeing miners trapped by rockslide, take Bruiser Cruiser for clearing the rocks. When you finally get inside the cave you will be able to get the Paperboy Hat.

Hunting Hat
Location: In the Artillery Storage, you should first kill the Chompies who are guarding the Lock Puzzle. After that, complete the puzzle to get your hands on the Hunting Hat.

Here’s how: go left, down, down, down and collect coins. Go left, left and collect drop of water. Go right, left, down, right, and up to collect coins.

Go left, right, right to get coins yet again. Finally go left, up, down, left, up, right and right to finish the puzzle.

Chapter 4 – The Phoenix Psanctuary

Parrot Nest Hat
Location: At the Fledgeling Rise if you use the nuts to grow a vine bridge, the left fork leads you to Buzz who has a mission for you. If you reunite Buzzer Beak to his family, it gets you additional abilities for Buzzer Beak as well as the Parrot Nest Hat.

Daisy Crown Hat
Location: In Aviary Gate simply jump on to the ledge with the hat box, open it and you will get the Daisy Crown Hat.

Chapter 5 – Chef Zeppelin

Scooter Hat
Location: In Main Counter Top, you will see a floating balloon. Jump up from the Bounce Pad to get to it and then use it to get to a ledge with the Villain Stash. From there you can ride the other balloon and go on trail of coins towards the Scooter Hat.

Colander Hat:
Location: In the Command Kitchen, use dough pans from the back wall to save yourself from the flames. Bake yourself a path to the left that leads to the Treasure Chest. From there follow the metal path going upwards and use the last dough pan to fill up the path to Colander Hat.

Chapter 6 – Rainfish Riviera

Metal Fin Hat
Location: Across Brackwater Falls, run diagonally where the floor is covered with squares that shoot cannons. You have to keep running until you reach the square with a skull on it.

Now face the row of cannons on the back, run towards the cannons that are set back from others using the same line of the Skull square. A Square will erupt from the sand, jump on it and go straight to the hat.

Imperial Hat
Location: Beyond the Earth gate entrance in Dire Sands, push the giant snails into the water so that they build a bridge of shells all the way to the hat box. Inside it you will find the imperial hat.

Chapter 7 – Monster Marsh

Dragon Skull Hat
Location: In the Spirestone Mausoleum, you should push the blocks to the right and then use the ledge above. There will be a block on the ledge, push it to the channel on the right and fill it up. After that, look for the highest ledge and jump on it to reach the Dragon Skull Hat.

Chapter 8 – Telescope Tower

Rugby Hat
Location: Down in the Meditation Pool talking ot the scientists will acquaint you with the flying paintings. You should keep attacking the flying paintings for as long as it takes for the stone platform to appear. The platform will give you the path to the Rugby Hat.

Old-Time Movie Hat
Location: At the Observation Loggia, first jump on the gears on the left side and reach the pump button. Jumping on it will kickstart the gear in the front.

Come down from there and do the same on the right side. This will make the central gear float up and down. Go to the central path and jump on the floating gear riding it up you will eventually get to the gear that has the Old-Time Movie Hat.

Synchronized Swimming Cap
Location: Drop down from the Spiral Balcony and make your Skylander go through each one of the rings on your way down. This will make the phantom platforms to appear and they will get you the Synchronized Swimming Cap.

Chapter 9 – Mystic Mill

Garrison Hat
Location: In the Mabu Flagship, you get the Demolition mission form Rizzo. You have to plant eight bundles of dynamite in 10 minutes in the Troll fortress while fending off trolls. Successful completion of the mission gets you the Garrison Hat.

Mountle Hat
Location: In the Eastern Storage Unit, grab the nut in the corner and then take the second Bounce Pad. Plant the nut and then cross the bridge, ride the balloon up to the Treasure Chest and further towards the tiny platform.

Use the nut here and then go to the chimney, take it to do jump down and you will find the Mountle Hat.

Volcano Hat
Location: In the Fire Falls, simply manage to take the wiggling platforms up towards the coins as you collect them until you finally reach the Volcano Hat.

Chapter 10 – Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink

Rubber Glove Hat
Location: In Back Flow Alley, Bag O’ Bones is asking you to take a singing gecko group out of enemy’s area.You will eliminate all enemies and keep them safe all the time guiding them to their destination.

After you have successfully completed the mission you will get the Rubber Glove Hat from Bag O’ Bones.

Trash can Ltd Hat
Location: Inside the Drainage Central inner headworks you will find the Trash Can Ltd Hat hidden behind a gate that has been double locked at the entrance.

All you need to do is get the keys. For the first one; go right, fill the hole with a box and bounce up over the gap. Then reach the highest level with the Bounce Pad, after crossing another gap you will get the key.

For the second key, uses bombs to blow stones while you are moving towards the top ledge until you finally get to the key. Use both the keys to unlock the gate.

Shower Cap
Location: In the Splash Station aqua deck you should knock out the Goo Chompy by pushing hte pipe block towards the channel. Then you can claim the Shower Cap after you have destroyed the other chompies.

Chapter 11 – Wilikin Workshop

Clown Bowler Hat
Location: When the bone themed gates close on you, you will see gift falling down. You will need to keep fighting for as long as you need to before you have cleared three gates after which you will find the Clown Bowler Hat.

Lil’ Elf Hat
Location: At End of the Line, go past the gate to reach the small gift packages that get you gold and open up the hat box to get Lil’ Elf Hat.

Chapter 12 – Time Town

Alarm Clock Hat
Location: Around the Broken Toe Plateau, you should go accross the bridge that leads to Buzzer Beaks the go further up. FInally go under the bridge to reach Waterfall Cave. Clear the rubble, get the glowing pick and go outside clearing the path towards the Alarm Clock Hat.

Chapter 13 – The Future of Skylands

Extreme Viking Hat
Location: In the Sub Orbital Combat Plaza, travel slowly towards the sun, avoiding the flames from the mini sun. Following the trail of coins will get you to the Extreme Viking Hat.

Tin Foil Hat
Location: In Anti-Grav Truck, Q.U.I.G.L.E.Y. has a task for you and in return you will be awarded with the Tin Foil Hat. You have to take 100 imps to the Vacuum Droid in 10 minutes.

Imps will be lured towards you when you destroy the bags of blue grain, then you can take them to the Droid.

Chapter 14 – Operation: Troll Rocket Steal

Nurse Hat
Location: Completing a quest by Buzz will get you the Nurse Hat, he will require Bone Chompy to work as a medic for the Mabu Degfense Force; complete the task and you will get your hat.

Sunday Hat
Location: In Mabu Main base’s Crawler Canyon, you have to jump from on platform to the other so that you are continuously on the ones ascending higher.

Keep doing that and ultimately you will reach the Sunday Hat. However, make sure you don’t get hit by a platform coming from the opposite direction.

Kepi Hat
Location: Completing a quest at the Mabu Base Entrance is how you can get your hands on the Kepi Hat. Wooster will ask Krankenstein to help in building Wilikin soldiers, you complete the task and the he will reward you with the hat.

Cubano Hat
Location: Around the Factory Storage Area you will find rotating platforms where you will be quick jumping between them to reach the top platform.

Once you are there, two boxes will keep sliding out which you have to avoid, doing the stunts perfectly you will ultimately get to the Cubano Hat.

Chapter 15 – Skyhighlands

William Tell Hat
Location: In the Upper Elevator, you will see bock on the other side of the gate, push them down to the lower level. Then push one top of the deeper ground and use them to reach the higher ledge. That is where you will find the William Tell Hat.

Radar Hat
Location: In the Greenhouse, when you have reached the treasure chest, walk ahead on the ramp you see on your right side. Then click on buttons that will trigger rise in water level one after another. On the top you will see a plank that has the Radar Hat on it.

Chapter 16 – The Golden Desert

Batter Up Hat
Location: When you are in the Golden Springs, jump up on the floating balloons and the platforms to continue up until you find the Batter Up Hat. However, in order to come back down you will have to use the Teleport Pad.

Chapter 17 – Lair of the Golden Queen

Classic Pot Hat
Location: In the Halls of Treachery, you will see large fans producing vortices, get to the other side of the room by crossing them without being pushed back to the starting point and you will be rewarded with the Classic Pot Hat.

Beetle Hat
Location: In the Darkest Reach, if you help Glumshanks etch Bad Juju’s help in moving sand to get an extra remote or the Golden Queen’s Ultimate Weapon, he will present you with the Beetle Hat.

Crazy Light Bulb Hat
Location: When you are at the bridge behind the Magic Gate near The Seat of Flowinng Gold, go across the bridge and you will reach a Treasure Chest. Taking a let from there will lead you to the Crazy Light Bulb Hat.

Chapter 18 – The Ultimate Weapon

Brainiac Hat
Location: At the Repair Platform H ride a balloon to a giant gear, from there you should take a platform that will lead you to another balloon. After jumping between the balloons and yet another large gear, you will ultimately reach the Brainiac Hat.

Adventure Pack: Nightmare Express

Outback Hat
Location: In order to get the hat you will have to take the bomb up and remove a barricade with it.

The escalators that go up are rolling on the wrong side so you will have to jump up to the escalators and push down two blocks making an alternate route from the staircase on your left.

Take the steps and then throw the bomb at the wall to get Outback Hat.

Coconut Hat
Location: You will find this hat in Tank Terrace Ruins after you help Peebs with his problem. However, if you have encountered this one for the first time you will have to go on with the chapter until you have trapped Lob Goblin at a later time in the chapter.

After that, come back to this place and speak to Peebs as Lob Goblin which will unlock the gate. As a reward you will be given the Coconut Hat.

Medic Hat
Location: In Cliffside Sanctuary, jump on to the lowest platform which is going to be on your right and then go across a couple of other platforms on the same side. The top platform will have the Medic Hat waiting for you.

Adventure Pack: Mirror of Mystery

Cornucopia Hat
Location: At Chomp Dude’s Rest, reach lazy lookout where you will have to leap up on a series of ledges after taking down some Chompies. Upon eaching the top you will get the Cornucopia Hat.

Gondoller Hat
Location: In DoomHelm Pass you have to follow the water straight down to the platforms by walking off the first edge you see. Then follow the slow spinning patterns as you continue dropping until you find the Gondoller Hat.

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