“Skull Code” Is The Latest Clue In The Search Of Sombra In Overwatch

Since the launch of Overwatch, eagle eyed players have been looking for clues for the mysterious character known as Sombra. While the players have found a lot of clues, the devs at Blizzard Entertainment are having fun themselves by leaving more and more complex clues for the players to find.

The latest clue for Sombra comes in the form of a “Skull Code” discovered by Game Detectives, who are leading the search for Sombra. However, to understand the Skull Code, first we must revise what has been discovered.

Earlier this month, the promotional video for Overwatch Summer Games had some arrows in it the pointed the fans in a certain direction. The Game Detectives created a compass by arranging the images of heroes in accordance with the arrows.

However, no one could figure out what to do with the compass. However, things turned around when Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan was asked about “the compass” during a live stream. To that he replied “That sounds like deep CIA level stuff. Way above our heads”.

That sent the fans to look for the clues in the skies of the Dorado map that has previously been associated with Sombra. The Game Detectives found a code in the sky but could not decipher it.

It was obvious that they were at a dead end. So Blizzard helped and released the deciphered code “The answer isn’t over your heads, it’s behind you. Sometimes, you need to analyze your previous achievements”.

This led the Game Detectives to the achievements page of the game, and they were able to use the compass and decrypted cypher hidden within the game’s source code that led to a URL. This unlocked a very unique looking Skull.


It is speculated that the skull is a “Sugar Skull”, which is a popular treat given out during the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. Combine the fact that Sombra has a connection to the Mexico-themed Dorado-map, it seems Blizzard Entertainment will reveal her soon.

Overwatch is a first person multiplayer shooter by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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