Skull And Bones Gameplay Gets Shown Off In PVP Battle With Assassin’s Creed

The developers of upcoming pirate game Skull and Bones went up against the developers of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag in a PVP game, which also gave the studio the opportunity to show off a few glimpses of Skull and Bones gameplay. The game was announced at this past E3.

Much like Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Skull and Bones focuses on sailing and piracy during its golden age as players take up the role of a ship captain in the Indian Ocean, sailing the ocean and plundering cargo in a single player campaign. However, as the PVP video can tell you, Skull and Bones also has a PVP mode in the Disputed Waters area.

Considering how successful Black Flag was, with many players adoring the feeling of sailing the waves in the Jackdaw and fighting various ships while also exploring wrecks, Skull and Bones should be able to scratch the sailing itch that many Assassin’s Creed fans have been feeling, so long as it allows us a similar feel, and might even broaden what we can do.

While there hasn’t been very much information released, and there isn’t even any real Skull and Bones gameplay that’s widely available, Ubisoft has given us a few tidbits on how the game works, mainly that you’ll play a customizable pirate captain as you sail the Indian Ocean in the single-player campaign. Wind direction plays an important role in combat, and players can use mortars, broadside cannons, and rockets in battle.

You’ll also be able to obtain more ships throughout the game, ranging from sloops to frigates and brigantines, similar to how you could build a pirate fleet in Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag to bring in more money.

Skull and Bones doesn’t have a confirmed release date beyond late 2018, but if you want to see some Skull and Bones gameplay for yourself, you can watch the short little video about the PVP showdown further up the article.