Skate 4 Getting a Large Playtest Next Week

Since the announcement of the next Skate game by Electronic Arts, we haven’t seen much of the game. We don’t even know if the new game will be called Skate 4 or something else.

However, things are expected to change in July as we might hear and see a lot of things related to Skate in the coming month. Famous Inside, Tom Henderson has revealed that EA is set to reveal multiple new games in July including Skate.

Not only that, it seems like people are getting emails for a “potentially large” Playtest for Skate 4 that is apparently going to happen next week, on July 5.

skate 4 invite

It’s not the first playtest we have heard about Skate 4. Back in April, there were reports of a Skate 4 playtest as well. We have also heard some rumors about the game like an online Skate Park Creation mode. Apparently, this mode will allow players to hang-out together online and let them do and create different Skate Park like stuff.

Fans have been asking for a new Skate game for a long time now and they can’t wait to see the new game in action. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 from Activision did well making it apparent that there is a considerable demand for a good Skate game. Have you received an invite yet? If not, do not worry as we will know more about the game soon and hopefully, we will have a 2022 release date for Skate 4.

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