EA Wants You to Avoid the Cracked Playtest Build for Skate 4

It seems like an “unauthorized” build for Skate 4 has been leaked online and EA naturally wants you to avoid it for two reasons. One, downloading applications from unknown sources can be dangerous, second is “the potential consequences of breaking EA’s Terms of Service”. So you have been warned by Electronic Arts.

The message was shared on the official website which reads:

We’re aware of an earlier version of the game that has been distributed without our authorization. This build is from September 2021 and was never intended for external use. While we understand you’re excited to get into the game, we encourage you to be careful when downloading files from unknown sources (and remind you of the potential consequences of breaking EA’s Terms of Service).

EA has been testing the upcoming Skate game before sharing more details about the game in July. The said build is from September, 2021 and EA claims that it was never intended for external use.

We still don’t know much about Skate 4 apart from some rumored tidbits. All fans are hoping more official details soon. Skate 4 playtesting however, is still there and if you are interested, you can go signup on the official website.

As of now, Skate 4 doesn’t have a release date yet but that could change with the next big reveal of the game in July. Skate 4 has been confirmed to arrive on PC as well along with other platforms so that is a plus as well.

The Board Room event for Skate 4 is scheduled for tomorrow and there are high chances that we might hear about the release date as well. So you if you are excited to know more, keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s reveal.

Contributor at SegmentNext.