SimCity 2013 Drilling Specialization Guide – Oil Wells, Refinery, Petroleum

While the term drilling is associated with many types of manufacturing processes, in SimCity the drilling specialization directly deals with the extraction and usage of oil.

Unlike mining, creating an entire industry for oil extraction and refinement is an extremely expensive process. This will require a lot of initial investment, and you’ll probably have to take some loan at initiation time or while updating your facility.

However, once the hardships and heavy investment is done, the profits and benefits of the oil specialization are unparalleled. Your crude oil can be sold for large fortunes, and can power oil power plants.

Furthermore, you could refine the oil, making plastic and fuel out of it, which can be sold for very high prices and/or used for creating dyes for electronic equipment for the Electronics specialization cities.

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SimCity Drilling Specialization

In order to start the oil specialization, you’ll need to check for pools of oil (called oil reservoirs) in your area.

You can do so through the data map, which will show you the collection of oil deep underground. In order to extract it, you need to start off with an Oil Well.

Oil Well

  • Production Rate: 2,400 barrels/day
  • Cost: $37,500
  • Upkeep: $150/hr

Requirements to unlock: Power, Water, 7 Industrial buildings, oil underneath the land

If you’ve managed to find oil reservoirs in your city, then its time to slap in an oil well. The oil well is your main facility to extract crude oil from the ground.

The crude oil itself is your raw resource, and you can use it in its standard form, or further refine it with more advancement in the oil specialization.

You can sell off the crude oil in trade depots, or to the global market, or use it to create fuel in advanced oil facilities, or even provide the electronics industry with plenty of plastics for their products. The oil industry is always thriving – you just have to make a bit of investment in the start.

Sadly, oil wells can’t be linked with their pump jacks by standard roads. You’ll have specialized Service Roads for the Oil Wells, which are special-purpose roads for those heavy weight trucks that carry the oil from pump jack to oil well.

You can increase the number of delivery trucks with the Oil Delivery Truck Garage module, which is quite essential as your oil well will seize to function if its maximum capacity is reached until and unless trucks haul the containers.

Another addition you’ll want to make is the Pump Jack. These oil pumps will increase the rate of oil extraction. However, I’d consider it after making a good amount of sales.

Service Road

  • Extends the reach of the Oil Well. Cannot be connected to standard Roads.
  • No cost
  • No upkeep

Oil Delivery Truck Garage

  • Adds 1 delivery truck (500 barrels capacity) to speed up deliveries
  • Maximum of 4 per Oil Well
  • Cost: $10,000
  • Upkeep: $50/hr

Oil Pumpjack

  • Increases extraction of oil by 1200 barrels/day
  • Maximum 10 per Oil Well
  • Cost: $10,000
  • Upkeep: $30/hr

Petroleum HQ
The Petroleum Headquarters is a towering central building for your industry. Like the Mining HQ, this building will grow in size with every successful oil sale to become a massive skyscraper.

It’s recommend to create the building in a place with a generous bit of extra land around, since upgrade modules like the refining division and commerce division will add smaller buildings in the vicinity of the HQ.

The Petroleum HQ not only adds aesthetics to your city, but also gives access to advanced facilities, of which the main is the Oil Refinery.

The Commerce Division will greatly aid in getting your petroleum products to the market. It’s generally recommended to have a Trade Depot near your industry for such reasons, and the commerce will ensure that your export jobs are giving you lots of profits.

Refining Division

  • Cost: 20,000
  • Operational Cost: 400 per hour
  • Local Access Granted: Oil Refinery
  • Maximum Modules: 1

Commerce Division

  • Cost: 20,000
  • Operational Cost: 400 per hour
  • Local Access Granted: Trade Port, Fuel and Computer Storage Lots at the Trade Port
  • Maximum Modules: 1

Oil Refinery

  • Cost: $73,000
  • Upkeep: $300/hr

Requirements to unlock: Plop a Petroleum HQ, build a Refining Division at the Petroleum HQ

The Oil Refinery facility is your main jewel. Crude oil is good, but it’s not anywhere near as good as refined oil that comes in the form of lovable fuel and plastics.

Plastics are widely used by the electronics industry for manufacturing computers and other consumer products. Thus, your industry good make big money if it could set up a well-running oil refinery.

Another great aspect of the refinery system is the Fuel Distillation Unit, which will create fuel out of the crude oil you’re pumping from the ground. This fuel can then be used for various Great Works.

The Oil Refinery faces similar issues as the Oil Well: you need a sufficient amount of trucks to be hauling the refined oil and taking it to the Trade Depots. Thus, it’s also important to ensure you have a sufficient amount of trucks for delivery, so that your Refinery factory doesn’t seize operations because of reaching threshold.

Have a look at the various modules you can find for the oil refinery:

Oil Refinery Delivery Truck Garage

  • Cost: 10,000
  • Operational Cost: 50 per hour
  • Truck Capacity: 2,000 barrels of processed oil
  • Maximum Modules: 4

Fuel Distillation Unit

  • Cost: 46,000
  • Operational Cost: 150 per hour
  • Production Rate: 24,000 BPD
  • Maximum Modules: 3

Plastic Polymerizer

  • Cost: 30,000
  • Operational Cost: 50 per hour
  • Production Rate: 24,000 BPD
  • Maximum Modules: 4

How To Manage Drilling/Petroleum Specialization

Managing the Petroleum Specialization is a task that requires patience. Unlike the Mining Specialization and associated facilities, the drilling facilities will require high investment in the start, and a relatively low profit will be generated. It’s important that you take loan if you are serious about improving your industry.

Once the initial Oil Wells are in place, you’ll have to ensure that you are making adequate sales. The oil specialization really starts showings you the fortunes once you have a good amount of extraction and an Oil Refinery facility for selling the valuable fuel and plastics. At this time you should be earning lots of profit.

The major downfall of the drilling specialization is that it causes a lot of pollution, which will also cause a large amount of Health issues, indirectly increasing expenses.

However, places with oil will ensure that there are plenty of high wealth citizens in your city, and your city can later thrive and even add other industries. The drilling specialization is the forefront of progress, and a major part of the other industries require your oil to run theirs.

A big problem that you’ll face is probable fires and injuries. Oil Extraction is considered as the fifth most dangerous job in the world, so you can expect some fires and casualties to take place. It’s thus important to have a Fire Station with Hazmat Garages very close to the industry, and also a Hospital.

It’s recommended that the Hospital itself is equipped with an Emergency Center as well as a Surgical Center, so that the extreme cases of injury and trauma can be dealt with.

It’s also important that for this very reason, the oil factories and extraction areas are as far away from the main residential part of the city as possible.

If you can manage your zoning and be patient & clever with your investment in the drilling specialization, then with time you are certain to enjoy a lot of profit and success.

Most of the other cities in your region will rely heavily on your oil, and this will ensure that your city thrives.

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