SimCity Developer Maxis Working on New AAA Game

A new job listing posted by SimCity developer Maxis reveals that the studio is now working on a new AAA title for the PC.

The ad is seeking a Director of Product Development who will be leading a “newly formed team within Maxis” and be in charge of defining development strategy and successfully managing it to quality, time and budget goals.

“This role requires highly developed relationship building skills,” notes the ad, “the ability to build credibility and influence within and outside the Studio. It also requires comfort in using multiple leadership and partnering styles (e.g. coach; mentor; directive/prescriptive as required), and an ability to engage, lead, and influence meaningfully at all levels.”

Early assumptions are that the new title is similar to SimCity but grander on scale. However, it can always be an entirely new IP as well. Whatever the project is, it’s big and is “critical” for Maxis’ growth.

SimCity saw to an atrocious launch last year where the game went through severe sever problems. The community also wasn’t too pleased with the game featuring the controversial always online feature. It took some time before Maxis smoothed out the game and ultimately went against its own decision and made an offline mode. The developer will be surely banking on its new project to be a success and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes of SimCity.

Source EA Careers

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