SimCity 2013 Great Works Guide – Arcology, Solar Farm, Space Center and Airport

One of the most attractive features in SimCity is the ability to construct Great Works in your city. Sadly, these modern marvels aren’t very easy to construct, and even more difficult to maintain.

Great Works in SimCity are wondrous and beneficial modern constructs such as massive International Airports, state of the art Solar Farms, or even Space Stations! These structures are highly demanding, but also give massive rewards to your city, such as increase tourism, improved education and (hence) development, and much more.

There are four major Great Works that one can build. However, as mentioned earlier, building one is no easy task. In fact, you’ll have to create a ridiculous amount of factories and have multiple city specializations in order to build them. Great Works should be viewed as ultimate goals for you and your neighboring cities – in that way you’ll be able to thrive and really progress to create them.

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First off is the Arcology.


  • Cost: 1,000,000
  • Operational Cost: 300 per hour
  • Benefits: Workers, 
Shoppers, Students
  • Construction Resources:
  • 2,800 tons of Metal
  • 1,000 tons of Alloy
  • 60,000 crates of Televisions

Requirement: City in the region with 58,000 residents

The Arcology is like a mini-city within your city. It’s basically a futuristic massive apartment building, which supplies you with workers, shoppers, and even students. The Sims that inhabit the place will travel to connected cities and fill out vacant jobs, attend schools, and consume products. This should be a great investment to keep your city running for a long time.

For building an Arcology you’ll have to have lots of Metal and Alloy. Thus, it’s important to look at Recycling Centers. Remember, the demand is large, and every bit of scrap metal that can be recycled helps. Thus, you should create recycling centers prior to building the Arcology.

You will also need a Consumer Electronics factory for your TVs. Don’t worry if these demands seem daunting at first; you should work slowly towards them. Remember, the Arcology will eventually provide you with seemingly endless workers, shoppers, and students, which will more than make up for the patience and investment you put into building one.

International Airport

  • Cost: 1,000,000
  • Operational Cost: 300 per hour
  • Benefits: Tourists, Accepts Freight
  • Construction Resources:
  • 2,500 tons of Metal
  • 1,500 tons of Alloy
  • 250,000 Barrels of Crude Oil

Requirement: Municipal Airport in the region

100 tourists arrive at Municipal Airport in the region

Every great city in the world has a great airport. In fact, the quality of the international airport reflects the standards and progress of the city itself. Building an international airport in SimCity is actually considerably harder than it is for nations in real-life.

But if the cities in your region rely heavily on tourism, then the airport is a great investment. Your tourist rate and freights will rise up substantially, and your main cities will have space, since the international airport will be for the entire region.

This will allow you to build more valuable structures such as Casinos and other attractions instead of individual municipal airports.

You’ll need some assistance from a mining city to aid the material requirement. The 250,000 barrels of oil won’t just come out of nowhere, so you’ll likely need assistance of an oil-based city too. This makes building the international airport quite a difficult task. It’s really ideal of two mining and two oil cities to combine there resources to build an airport.

The Solar Farm

  • Cost: 500,000
  • Operational Cost: 300 per hour
  • Benefits: Power
  • Construction Resources:
  • 150,000 crates of Plastic
  • 600 tons of Alloy
  • 45,000 crates of Processors

Requirement: University with School of Science in the region

Complete Solar Farm research project at University in the region

Building a Solar Farm is a task that is best associated with an educational city and a city that thrives on consumer electronics. The great advantage of having a Solar Farm is that your neighboring cities will get cheap, clean, and constant power.

Solar Energy is easily the safest and cleanest form of any, but it requires a set of specific skills to attain. You’ll need to amp up your Processor Factory by adding all four Processor Assembly lines.

This job is best done by combining three types of cities: Oil specialized cities that would make plastics and dyes, mining cities that could supply the alloys, and educational cities with Universities to ensure the proper research is carried out, and also to operate the Processor Factory.

You can then import the oil and material from the concerned cities, while the educational city with a School of Science further progresses the creation of the Solar Farm.

Space Center

  • Cost: 1,000,000
  • Operational Cost: 300 per hour
  • Benefits: Tourists, Research
  • Construction Resources:
  • 170,000 barrels of Fuel
  • 1400 tons of Alloy
  • 40,000 crates of computers

Requirement: University with School of Science in the region

Complete Space Center research project at University in the region

Of the four Great Works, perhaps the most cherished is the Space Center. This marvel not only gives your region a burst of educational progression, but also massively boosts tourist interest in the area, greatly increasing your gains from tourism. Furthermore, the Space Center allows you to create high-tech tier 3 buildings, which isn’t bad at all.

But building the Space Center is perhaps the most difficult of all the Great Works, and it’s quite evident why. You’ll need a heck lot of fuel, which only a very well developed oil specialized city could provide, while an established mining-based city provides you with a large amount of alloys, and an electronic consumer based city that utilizes education and Universities for your research and computer works.

The most difficult of the tasks in creating a Space Center is meeting up the demand of computers required. Computer manufacturing will require a highly developed consumer electronics system in your city, a feature that many overlook during their progression. It thus really depends on the development of education and electronics in your area.

If you manage to make the Space Center, then give yourself and your neighboring cities a pat on the back, and watch the rockets shoot out into the cosmos.

So, there we have it, these are the Great Works that can be created in SimCity. I strongly recommend that only highly developed cities take part in making it, and ensure that their respective cities have the required economical status to meet the towering demands of the Great Work they are trying to build.

Remember, building a Great Works all by yourself is nearly impossible. Thus, it requires long-term planning, coordination, selflessness, and a hell lot of patience. Good luck! Hope to see your rockets souring into the skies!

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