Silent Hill Reboot Rumors Fly As Konami Partners With Bloober Team

The long rumored Silent Hill reboot has gained new strength as Konami and Bloober Team announce a new “strategic cooperation agreement.”

According to a press release (1, 2) from earlier today, the partnership will see Konami and Bloober Team “jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how…to produce games from existing and new IPs.”

Take note that Konami was previously rumored to be outsourcing Silent Hill as well as Metal Gear and Castlevania projects to third-party developers. They were particularly said to include remasters and remakes to revive their respective franchises.

The Silent Hill reboot was reportedly one of two Silent Hill projects which was in the hands of a Japanese developer believed to be none other than Bloober Team. It has to be also mentioned that Bloober Team confirmed itself to be working on a horror game with a “very famous publisher” for over a year now.

It was not hard for fans to connect the dots and presume Bloober Team, which recently developed Blair Witch and The Medium, to be helming the Silent Hill reboot, further rumored to be “a departure” from past Silent Hill games.

The good news is that following the announcement of the new strategic partnership, Konami and Bloober Team will be preparing to formally announce in-development projects. However, that may take some time since the collaboration appears to not be finalized.

“We will announce information about contents from the business alliance once details are decided,” said Konami.

Elsewhere, Konami is also working on a brand new cooperative game called Crimesight which features both Sherlock and Moriarty in a “mystery simulation.” Crimesight takes place in a futuristic London where players have to investigate and prevent crimes from happening, as well as determining the identity of both the victim and perpatrator.

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