Silent Hill Downpour Side Quests Guide

If you want to get a platinum trophy or 1000 gamer score points, you will have to complete all the following Silent Hill Downpour Side Quests

These side-quests are also a breath of fresh air if you want to just explore the Silent World of Downpour, or if you want to complete all the Mysteries.

In any case, if you are stuck at any side-quest in Silent Hill Downpour, read our detailed walkthrough of these side-quests. For more help on Silent Hill Downpour, read our Endings, Mysteries Locations and Puzzle Solutions Guide.

Silent Hill Downpour Side Quests

All Points Bulletin
Hillside – You need to call the four patron cars to complete this side-quest. You can start this side-quest west of the underground entrance of the Police Station.

You should find one of the police cars that are patrolling around. Stop it to take the side-quest.

First you need to find a dispatcher radio. You should find it in the dispatchers office in the police station.

If you can’t find it, approach the police station from McCammon Street, through the broken wall, across the beam and you should see it.

Find the radio inside the room and activate it to input following codes:

  1. D375
  2. C466
  3. B557
  4. A648

Entering these codes will call the four police cars and side-quest will end.

Bird Cage
This side-quest involves freeing five birds from their cage. You can find these bird cages in Hillside, Pearl Creek, Chastain Heights, Pleasant River and Port District.

You can start the side-quest by in the Hillside. After exiting the police station using the hole in the wall, head straight but keep to the right and you should come across a small opening to a yard.

Go through the yard and up to find a bird cage in the center of the porch. Finding this bird cage will trigger a cut-scene and start a side-quest. Follow the directions below to find the rest of the bird cages:

Pearl Creek
Look for it in the south of the bank, at the center of the Brite St. and Lansdale Ave.

Chastain Heights
Before the transition to Pleasant River, in the northern side of Brite St.

Pleasant River
Before the barricade, in the southern side of Rice St.

Port District
Search the docks, in the corner of the town.

Stolen Goods
Pearl Creek – This side-quest takes place in the apartment building you use to enter Pearl Creek.

To reach the apartment with the stolen goods, exit the first apartment, turn left and follow the hallway to the buildings staircase.

Take the stairs to reach the third floor. Take the hallway at the top of the stairs and walk up to the first door on your right.

Read the ‘Threatening Letter’ which is also a mystery collectible. Open the door to enter the stolen goods apartment.

To trigger the side-quest, pull the bed away from the wall to uncover a stash of stolen items. Grab them to start the side-quest. Return the items to the rightful owners!

The Locket and Gold watch were stolen from the third floor, across the hall from the apartment with the stolen goods. Find the table near the kitchen and place the locket in the case. Look for a desk in the bedroom and place the Gold watch on the display hand.

The Money Box was stolen from the second floor, from the apartment across the hall from the Hillside transition. Place the box in the child’s bedroom next to the scattered coins on the nightstand.

The War Medal was stolen from the ground floor apartment, from the case on the bedroom nightstand.

After you have placed these stolen goods from where they were stolen, side-quest will end. After that you can go back to the stolen goods apartment to find more swag.

Pearl Creek – It starts with a missing child poster near the arc of Cook Street and Lansdale Ave.

To find this poster, search the near the west side of Lansdale Ave, north of Cook Street, in front of the building. Read the poster to trigger the side-quest.

Find Mother’s Note
To find Mother’s, follow Lansdale Ave and in the northern section for a yellow ribbon tied to a lamp post. Look for a lunch box lying on the ground. Open it to read Mother’s Notes.

Find The Key!
Find Pleasant Rive and take the east route on Rice street, leading to the docks in the northern edge. When you reach the edge of the marked route, look for this key at end of the pier.

Find Girl’s House
Find Lamon St. in the Chastain Heights area. Look for it in the west of Logan’s park. There’s an unlocked apartment building north of the movie theater here.

Enter the building and go up using the stairs. Use the key you found earlier to open the door. Find the mystery item from the base of the bed to complete the side-quest.

The Bank
You can start this side-quest in the Pearl Creek Bank at the intersection of Brite St. and Lasdale Ave.

Go inside the bank and collect whatever you can, and when you are ready, head down to the vault and try to open one of the safety deposit boxes. Doing so will trigger an alarm. When the alarm rings, go back to the first floor.

You will encounter waves of enemies, and your goal is to survive these waves. Every time you clear an enemy wave; a safety deposit box will open.

After each wave, you will have time to claim your reward and return to the ground floor before the next wave. Defeat these waves of enemies to open the safety deposit boxes. Side-quest ends when the alarm stops.

You can trigger this side-quest at the underground entrance to the tunnels in the Pearl Creek. Take the entrance and past the barrels, look for a man warming himself by the fire. Talk to him to start this side-quest.

Your aim is to find few warm clothes and food for this guy to survive in cold. To find the food, leave the entrance and go south and look for a vending machine.

Depending on the difficulty you play this side-quest on, you will find this vending machine at the intersection of Brite St. and Laymond Ave, on the southern corner of Cook Street or in the alley south of Cook Street.

Once you have found the vending machine, you need money to buy a chocolate bar. Return to the tunnel entrance and gave the homeless guy this chocolate bar to unlock the underground entrance to the hillside.

After you give him food (chocolate bar/candy), he will ask you to find him a warm coat. To get the warm coat for this guy, go to the Thrift Store in Chastain Heights.

Depending on the difficulty you are playing this side-quest on, you will find the warm coat hanging near the cash register, in the storage room or in the back of the storage room.

Once you have found the coat and returned it to the homeless guy. He will unlock the underground tunnels to Chastain Heights. His final request is fishing rod.

To find the fishing rod, you will have to go to Pleasant River. Depending on the difficulty you are playing this side-quest on, you will find it near the center of the docks, in the spillway by the underground entrance, or on the narrow boardwalk along the eastern edge of the docks.

Once you have delivered him the fishing rod, he will unlock the underground entrance to Pearl Creek, Pleasant River and Port District.

The Art Collector
You can trigger this side-quest in the Pearl Creek Art Gallery. You will find the gallery in the alley southwest of the central building.

Enter the alley from Brite Street or Laymond Ave, and look for a door near the scaffolding. Enter and look for a large table in the gallery’s basement. Examine the table to start the side-quest. Your aim is to retrieve six art paintings scattered throughout the city and a treasure.

You can find Despair painting in the Hillside police dept. through the barricaded door near the dispatcher’s radio.

You can find the Sunrise painting in the booth inside the Hillside’ underground entrance.

You can find the Wonder painting in the apartment building you used to enter Pearl Creek. It is hanging in the kitchen on the ground floor. It’s the same building you enter to find the stolen goods!

You can find the Certainty painting in the storage unit on Laymond Ave, north of Pearl Creek underground entrance. To get inside, you need the keypad code from the Mystery item located on the nearby sidewalk.

You can find the Hope painting in the Chastain Heights, in the hardware store, east of St. Marias Monastery. To open the door, you need a key which can be found in the cash register. The painting is hidden in the crate inside storage room.

You can find the Freedom painting in Pleasant River, near the west-end of Rice Street, on the rear seat of the parked van near the bend in the road.

Return these paintings to the gallery basement and arrange them appropriately. Place them in such a way that it makes a picture. Once they are in place, use your UV light to reveal the map of the town.

To find the treasure, travel to Monroe Cemetery, outside of St. Marias Monastery. Search the Crypts to find a ladder leading to underground. Follow the path and you should come across a locked door.

How To Unlock This Door
If you are playing this side-quest at easy, one tile will already be activated, one will be marked in blood, and you need to identify the remaining.

If you are playing this side-quest on a normal difficulty, no tiles would be activated. One tile would be marked in blood, activate it and identify the remaining.

On the hard difficulty, there would be no activated tiles or markings. You need to identify all four pictographs. This is very tricky on hard so you may want to give it a go on the normal difficulty.

Cinema Virite
You can take this side-quest from Chastain Heights movie theater at Lamon Street. Your aim is to collect different film reels from different areas, repair the projector, play the film and get the reward.

Finding The Film Reels
On an easy and normal difficulty, ‘The House on the Lake’ film reel can be found on one of the coat check counters. On the hard difficulty, it can be found in the concession counter. To retrieve it, step behind the counter and follow it to dark room.

On the easy and normal difficulty, ‘The Silent Children’ reel can be found in the restroom near the concession counter. Look for it on one of the stalls.

After that go through the hole in the wall to enter the theater. Follow the Isle to the front of the theater and turn around to face the wall. Steps to your left will lead you to a small room, and the steps to your right will lead you to projection room!

On the hard difficulty, ‘The Silent Children’ reel can be found in projection room. Inside the room, take the steps leading to the poster storage room and search the floor near the back row to find the reel.

‘The Secret of the Attic’ film reel can be found in the room to the right of the projector room on all difficulties.

Repair The Projector
To play these films, you will need to find a replacement bulb for the projector. To repair the projector by installing this replacement build, enter the projector room.

This will trigger the first projector room quest. Your objective is to find the replacement bulb. On the easy difficulty, it can be found in the poster storage room at the back of the theater.

On normal/hard difficulty, it can be found in the hardware store, east of St. Marias Monastery, behind the register on the shelf.

Play The Film
Return to the projector room and use the bulb to repair it. To play these films on the projector, you need to figure out the access code. The code is 9241. Enter it and get the last film reel.

Use the newly unlocked door and film splicer to combine the reels into one reel. Place the new reel into the projector, run down to the screen and enter the picture.

Finding The Reward!
Once inside the film, follow the sidewalk to the right and enter the house. Go past the staircase and open the door to your left. Cross the room and grab the wooden crank from the windowsill.

Leave the room and head through the door at the end of the hall. Continue through the next door to enter a large room. Go to the table across the room with Jack in the box on it.

Put your wooden crank into the Jack in the box, and turn it until the box pops. Take the key from the box and climb the ladder in the corner of the room. This ladder leads to Attic.

Use the key to unlock the trunk near the window. Inside you will find a golden gun and two boxes of pistol ammo. Return to theater to complete the side-quest.

The Gramophone
You can start this side-quest in two-story apartment in Chastain Heights. It is south of the movie theater!

To enter the apartment and start the side-quest, you need to pull a ladder down from the fire escape with a hook across the street.

Look for the red shutter doors, west of the apartment and grab the hook leaning against the building. Return to the ladder and pull it down. Climb to the window to enter the building.

You will see a broken gramophone nearby. Your goal is to find items to fix that gramophone.

Look for the crank in children room on the second floor. Climb to the top of the stairs and enter the room to your left. Get the crank from the cabinet in the corner. After that, look for the vinyl record from the dresser in the bedroom across the hall.

Play The Gramophone!
After retrieving crank and vinyl record, come back to gramophone. Insert crank and place the vinyl record on the turntable. Turn the crank and play the record.

After you have played it once, turn the crank handle in the opposite direction until a spirit emerges from a portrait above the stairs. You can use your lighter against this spirit. Destroy the portrait and spirit with your lighter to complete the side-quest.

Shadow Play
You can start this side-quest in the loft on the northern edge of the Chastain Heights. Enter the building and take the stairs to reach the loft. Your aim is to find the fragments and collect the tokens.

Go to the table in the corner of the room and use your lighter to light the candles at the top of the map. The UV light from the candles will show you the locations of five symbols scattered across the town.

Soul- Eye Fragment
You can collect the soul-eye fragment from the nearby chair. You will find the symbol on the loft wall across the room.

To get the token, place the soul eye fragment into the base near the symbol. Aim UV beam at the wall and rotate the fragment to match the shape, and then activate the flashlight.

Rotate it to match one of the shapes. When soul eye shadow symbol is complete, the fragment will transform into a soul eye token.

Healing Fragment
You will find this fragment in the Pearl Creek, southwest corner of Cook Street and Lansdale Ave. Take the fragment and go to the healing shadow symbol in the park in the southeast corner of the intersection.

Rotate the fragment to match the missing shape. Use your flashlight beam to move the fragment shadow into place. Once the shape appears on the symbol, rotate the fragment to crate an image. Move shadow into place to complete the symbol and collect the healing token from the nearby barrel.

Enlightenment Fragment
You can find this fragment in the Pearl Creek, in the construction site between Lansdale Ave and Laymond Ave. Take the fragment to the base inside the Pearl Creek underground entrance.

Rotate the fragment to match one of the shapes. Use your flashlight to cast the shadow on the wall. Move your flashlight so that the shadow is in place to collect the enlightenment token.

Four Fragment
You can find this fragment on the northern side of Christain Heights; it’s the same spot you start this side-quest. Take the fragment to the symbol in the alley way to the south. Use the fragments shadow to replace one of the missing shapes.

Rotate it so as to match the shape. Complete the shadow symbol to collect Four token from the cardboard box nearby.

Harmony Fragment
You need two fragments to complete Harmony’s shadow symbol. When you reach Pleasant River, enter the control tower near the King Harmony drawbridge. Climb the ladder inside the door to find the Harmony fragment near the drawbridge lever.

Come down to the base of the tower and continue under the drawbridge to enter the door past the Harmony Shadow symbol. Go past the base of the control tower to find the second Harmony fragment as you exit the building.

Grab it from the cardboard box and head back to Shadow Symbol under the drawbridge.

Place the second harmony fragment on the brass base and use the fragment’s shadow to replace the two missing lines. After the lines appear on the shadow symbol, place the first harmony fragment on the base.

Use the fragments’ shadow to replace one of the remaining lines. Rotate it to match the shape to collect the Harmony token. Return to Chastain Heights once you have retrieved the Harmony Token!

How To Solve Loft Map Puzzle
Once you have all five tokens. Arrange them on the map in Chastain Heights loft. After lighting the nearby candles, locations of the five shadow symbols are displayed on the map. As you move each token from your inventory to the map, place it at the corresponding symbol’s location.

When all tokens are in place, a demon statue will appear on the table, marking the end of this side-quest.

Ashes to Ashes
You can start this side-quest in the two-story house near the docks. To trigger the side-quest, you need to find a specific urn. To find it, enter the house and go up. Open the first door to enter the bedroom.

Pick up the urn in the corner of the room. Now, you need to scatter the remains of that urn you just found. To do that, exit the house and turn left. When you reach the end of the building, go through the gate and follow the path to the docks.

Examine the bench near the end of the pier and select the URN from your inventory. It will trigger a cut-scene revealing some numbers on the bench, ending the side-quest. These numbers are the code to open a safe in the building where you find the urn.

Dead Mans Hand
You start this side-quest in Pleasant River, in the house, south of Rice Street. To enter the house, follow the narrow path east of spillway.

You will reach a yard at the end of the path, get inside the building ahead. You will come across a body in the utility room, go near it to trigger the side-quest.

Your aim in this side-quest is to locate the Human Heart. To find it, continue until the body and take the stairs down to the basement. Follow the path to the left to find a hole in the basement floor.

Climb down through the hole and you will find yourself in corridors. If you are playing on the easy difficulty, use your flashlight to follow the trail leading you to the human heart. Otherwise, reach the bottom of the ladder and follow the path until you reach a three-way intersection.

It will lead you to the main junction of the area. Take the path on your right leading you to the human heart. If this makes rounds in your head, starting from the junction, follow the corridor to your right, and it will lead you to human heart.

It’s a bit tricky place to be in, so try to notice the little objects you can use as landmarks. Take a right when it’s possible, or follow the path to the next intersection.

Keep moving into the areas outside to find a gate near the end of your path. Go through the gate and follow the walkway to the corner of the room. Get the heart and back track to the ladder.

Climb the ladder to the basement and return to the utility room. Place the human heart into the body to complete the side-quest.

Mirror, Mirror
You can start this side-quest in Port District, in the house, west of King Ave drawbridge. Enter the house and approach the mirror in the living room area to begin the side-quest. Adjust the items in the room to match the reflection in the mirror.

How To Solve Mirror Puzzle
There are five objects you need to arrange in the room, and they are – portrait, dresser, TV, lamp and a candle. Only one of these items won’t match its reflection in the mirror at the start of the quest.

After activating the object, reflection will change, resetting the room. Mirror uses five reflections and shows them randomly. During each step, you need to activate the appropriate object:
Turn on the lamp.
Open the dresser drawer.
Turn on the TV.
Rotate the Portrait.
Light the Candle.

If you follow the directions as specified, mirror should break revealing hidden objects. If you fail to break the mirror within few minutes, prepare yourself to face an invisible monster.

Digging Up the Past
You can start this side-quest at the dig site, north of Straub Street in Hillside. You can only start it on your second play-through.

On your second play-through, you can trigger this side-quest in town. Notice the shovels scattered throughout the town to activate the seven dig sites.

Dig Site #1 can be found in the Hillside neighborhood, in a yard, north of Straub Street. Look for the shovel in the shack in the southwest corner of the downtown area.

Dig Site #2 can be found near the intersection of Hillside and Pearl Creek. For shovel, search the western side of Hillside underground entrance, outside police station.

Dig site #3 can be found in Pearl Creek, park in the south of Cook Street. For shovel, search the intersection of Cook Street and Lansdale Ave.

Dig site #4 can be found in Logans Park, between Pearl Creek and Chastain Heights. For shovel, search Pearl Creek entrance.

Dig site #5 can be found in Chastain Heights, small park, west of the movie theater. For shovel, search the alley northwest of Chastain Heights underground entrance.

Dig site #6 can be found in the yard of St. Marias Monastery, on the western side of Chastain Heights. For shovel, search the entrance of Monroe Cemetery, south of St. Marias Monastery.

Dig site #7 can be found in the Port District, in a small yard, southeast of neighborhood. For shovel, search the truck parked on Ketchum Street.

Retrieve the artifacts from all seven dig sites to complete the side-quest. This also unlocks a secret ending of the game!

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