Silent Hill Downpour Endings Guide

Silent Hill Downpour has different outcomes based on how you play through the story. Your dialogue choices affect the outcomes and shape the ending of the game more than your actions. These are good and bad Silent Hill Downpour endings and following events seem to affect which one you will get:

  • Spare incapacitated enemies to increase your score. Kill them to lower it!
  • If you attempt to save Cunningham at the Ravine, it will raise your score. If you fail, it will lower that score!
  • If you attempt to condole JP Sater in Devils Pit, it raises your score. If you don’t, it lowers it!
  • Taunting JP will lower your score.
  • Taunting JP will lower your score

Trick is to choose the appropriate actions and dialogue choices during combat and cut-scenes to raise or lower your ending score. Following are the endings you will experience subjected to how you play the game.

Each ending has a separate achievement associated with it. If you want to unlock that achievement, continue reading!

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Truth and Justice
  3. Full Circle
  4. Execution
  5. Reversal
  6. Surprise!

Silent Hill Downpour Endings

Your final ending score will decide which ending you will experience. Killing few incapacitated enemies doesn’t really affect the ending as dialogue choices do.

You might kill some of these in your quest to survive, if you want to avoid killing them, try not to hit them when they are on ground.

How To Get Forgiveness Ending
Spare Cunningham with positive ending score. Make all good choices to unlock this ending. Also, Tackling the monsters to the ground is allowed but make sure you don’t kill any of them as killing is not permissible.

How To Get Truth and Justice Ending
This ending is the complete opposite of the Forgiveness ending as you’ll have to spare Cunningham but with a negative score, kill each and every enemy and make all bad choices to unlock this ending.

How To Get Full Circle Ending
This ending is the reverse of Full Circle as you’ll have to kill Cunningham with a positive final score. In other words, don’t help anyone and make all good choices to get the score right. Meaning, help when help is wanted and and kill Cunningham to unlock this ending.

How To Get Execution Ending
Kill Cunningham with a negative final score. Make all bad choices and then kill Cunningham to unlock this ending.

How To Get Reversal Ending
Die during the final fight to unlock this ending.

How To Get Surprise! Ending
Finish the game once and then on your second play-through, finish the side-quest ‘Digging Up the Past’ to unlock this ending.

Just keep in mind that once you’ve received this ending, you can’t unlock further endings. Therefore, Finish this ending last after you’ve completed all the other endings.

You can get the opposite ending by reloading the last checkpoint again. To experience all six endings, you will have to play the game thrice! Found something missing? contribute away!

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