Silent Hill Alchemilla is a Fan Made Game with no Monsters or Guns

If you think that Kojima Productions is taking too long to develop Silent Hills; you could always play a fan made game based on the series but with no monsters, no guns, no inventory system and no notes system.

Yeah, that pretty much what defines Silent Hill Alchemilla.

Developed on Valve’s Source Engine, this game is all about the atmosphere that a classic Silent Hill game would provide but it has shed some of the major chunks of gameplay that the original games were based on.

The developers say that it is “an adventure type game in Silent Hill universe with no monsters and no guns, melee.”

These guys also boast that they have pulled off something that no one else can do with the Source Engine i.e. removing the inventory system and the notes system.

So if you are interested in Silent Hill Alchemilla, you are going to need to “just sit tight, take pen and notebook and play as hardcore gamer, make notes yourself, draw your maps yourself.”

With that being said, a video has also been released by the group of fans who made the game. It is surely a reminder of how chilly the series is and what horrors might await you when Kojima releases its next installment.

Check out the video above and tell us if you will be interested in playing Silent Hill Alchemilla.

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