Shadow Of The Colossus PS3 vs PS4 Pro Comparison Shows Improvements

Shadow Of The Colossus was the undoubtedly the cherry on top at yesterday’s Playstation Paris Games Week Showcase. This time we were able to see 5 full minutes of gameplay and a new trailer showing how the graphics have been completely upscaled. A YouTuber, Cycu1 managed to create a side by side graphics comparison video of this trailer with the exact same scenes from the original game and the result was breathtaking.

We already knew that Shadow Of The Colossus was one of the most graphically attractive video games on PlayStation 3 so a remake seems to be taking the title even further. In this graphics comparison of Shadow Of The Colossus on PS3 & PS4 Pro, we can see how the contrast has been given a little boost so that this color dimness that the old Shadow of the Colossus remains but on a lower scale. The colors haven’t been changed since they were the trademark of the title but you can now see sharper details and better lighting.

As you can see the 4K resolution really makes Shadow Of The Colossus shine in all its beauty. In PlayStation 4 Pro there will be 2 graphics modes, one favoring the framerate and one giving a solid 4K resolution. While everything seems the same until now, we hope that we may see some more action on its gameplay since its a remake and not just a remaster. the soundtrack of the game was also one of its main features so we hope that we won’t see changes on this part.

Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games, the studio that worked at Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection seem to have done an excellent job bringing one of the most iconic PlayStation 2 games on the PlayStation 4. It all comes down to whether or not this game will be any different than its predecessor.

If you want to see more graphics comparison videos of Shadow of the Colossus you can check this PS2-PS4 comparison of the gameplay video shown at Paris Games Week, by ElAnalistaDeBits:

Shadow of the Colossus is expected to be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 on February 5th, 2018.

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