Sid Meier’s Starships Releases Next Month

Sid Meier’s Starships will officially release on March 12 for the PC, Mac and iPad, Firaxis Games has announced.

The studio’s latest turn-based strategy title will retail for $14.99 and allow players to build a planetary federation in order to secure peace across the galaxy.

Players will attain the role of Starship commanders, who will have the ability to customize an entire fleet of vessels. This includes ships for space travel and exploration, and combat.

Customizing fleets will be more rewarding once players have researched future technology that they come across while exploring the universe. The ultimate goal is to spread the federation’s influence across space.

Yesterday, it was revealed that in future Firaxis Games will release an update to integrate Civilization: Beyond Earth with Starships. At the moment it’s unknown as to how exactly this integration will come about and what players can expect from it.

This is a vague statement passed by the studio’s David Hinkle to explain the upcoming integration:

“This is our first experiment with this cross-game connectivity. We’re handling this through my2K. If you log into your my2K account within Starships or Beyond Earth, then we will be able to establish a connection between the two games. If you don’t already have a my2K account, you’ll need to create one. For now, this system works for Beyond Earth and Starships, but may extend to future titles as well. The first time you log into your my2K account from Beyond Earth, you will get an exclusive map: the Glacier planet.”

Firaxis will hopefully reveal more in the coming weeks.

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