Shroud Already Has More Than 500k Subscribers on Mixer

Ever since Ninja announced that he would be leaving Twitch to be on Microsoft’s Mixer platform instead, the service has gotten a lot more attention. Now Shroud, another prominent streamer, has done the same. He’s apparently met similar success, and now has more than 500k subscribers on Mixer, according to analytics.

While Twitch has been the premiere website for streaming, and has resulted in the rise of a huge number of gamers who make streaming their career of choice, there are a small number of competitors to the service. This includes both YouTube and Mixer.

While YouTube is preferred by some simply for accessibility (especially with YouTube channels that are much more likely to post content on YouTube than Twitch for ease of use), Mixer has been the opposite by being almost totally ignored by most streamers.

Previously, it could be chalked up to another failure of the Xbox to really draw in a gaming crowd due to there being better alternatives. However, not that Ninja is on Mixer instead of Twitch, it seems other streamers are following him to capitalize on its success.

With Shroud getting 500k subscribers on Mixer, it seems that Microsoft was onto something when they invited Ninja to leave Twitch and be on Mixer instead. Allowing big-name streamers to get onto the platform seems to be getting their followers to try out the service as well, getting it much-needed viewership.

Various other streamers that have made the switch to Mixer include TheGrefg, Ship, JaredFPS, and much more. TheGrefg and Ship both stand between Shroud and Ninja, with 821,674 subscribers, and 593,607 subscribers, respectively.

While the gap between Shroud and Ship seems relatively slim right now, all of these big names finding so much success on Mixer may cause other would-be streamers to get on Mixer too, eventually. 500k subscribers on Mixer may become the new normal on that platform.

Either way, if you’re a Shroud or Ninja fan, you might want to get over to Mixer now if you want to keep watching their content.