Shovel Knight Nintendo Switch Port Announced, Has New Campaigns, More

If you’re one of the many people that bought the original Shovel Knight game when it came out on Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and every other platform that it’s been released on, then you may be in luck if you want to buy the Nintendo Switch: A Shovel Knight Nintendo Switch port is also being released.

Shovel Knight first released back in 2014 and quickly skyrocketed to the top as one of the most successful Kickstarter games out there. Players take the role of the blue-armored Shovel Knight as he and his trusty shovel battle the evil forces of the Order of No Quarter and the Enchantress they serve in order to rescue their companion Shield Knight.

The game won critical acclaim and various awards, and also had two new campaigns released for it, involving Plague Knight and Specter Knight. Now, with the Shovel Knight Nintendo Switch port, the game is getting even more content. Retitled “Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope”, the game is now part of the deluxe “Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove” pack, which not only includes all three campaigns, but will also be including campaigns for King Knight and even a Battle Mode for multiple players.

And, if you’re worried that Nintendo Switch users will be getting all the fun, don’t worry! Players of Shovel Knight on all other platforms will still be getting all of the content coming with the Shovel Knight Nintendo Switch port, including all of the new campaigns and the Battle Mode and Co-Op.

However, if you haven’t bought the game yet, you should try and do it before the spring rolls around, as Yacht Club has said that come spring they’ll be raising the price of Shovel Knight, so if you haven’t gotten it before, you should get it quick.

We’ll likely learn more about the Shovel Knight Nintendo Switch port at the Switch’s event that comes tomorrow.