Should We Blame Video Game Developers For Epic Games Store Exclusivity?

With all the different games that have been turning into Epic exclusives recently, is it really right to blame the video game developers behind these games? I mean we do know after all that the decision-making process of what happens to these games is actually up to the publishers.

Let’s look at Borderlands 3 for example. Over here, I think it’s fair to maybe blame developers Gearbox over their CEO’s excessive behavior on social media and his firm stance for Epic games.

What about the other two games, the Outer Worlds and Metro Exodus. In the cases of these games, we’ve gotten word of a conflict of ideas between the developers and their publishers.

Let’s look at Metro Exodus first. Metro Exodus was developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. The game became an Epic Store exclusive mere months before launch, even after people had made pre-orders on Steam. Was 4A Games a part of the decision-making process?

Apparently it wasn’t in some parts of the decision. Specifically, 4A Games wasn’t aware of the Steam pre-load being disabled by the Epic deal. This move in itself was very unfair to consumers due to what was promised. We shouldn’t shame 4A however, as the blame falls onto Deep Silver.

Obsidian being self-published is a different story, however. The studio may have had some miscommunication between different tiers of management but the overall process was handled by the same party. In that case, it’s fine to blame them for whatever irks you have with their Epic Exclusivity.

I talk about this because some ex-writers have condemned the deal and Obsidian was constantly updating the Outer Worlds Steam page with achievements despite the exlusivity deal.

There was also the whole disaster of Bioware in regards to what happened with Anthem. A case that goes a bit too deep for the blame to be properly shifted in any one direction.

Either way, none of this is still an excuse to pirate games, alright?

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