Shooter Insurgency Leaves Early Access And Launches On Steam This Month

Early Access Steam game Insurgency is prepped and ready for launch, releasing its normal build to audiences on January 22, 2014. It marks the conclusion of 9 months spent on the digital platform’s preview format, with a purchasable state being given to the public on March 1, 2013.

Still, the release won’t be the end for Insurgency. Developer New World Interactive vowed the continuation to bring future updates after launch and include downloadable content (DLC) with that as well.

Originally, the developer was at the base of success for popular mods like Red Orchestra and Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat. This online multiplayer shooter is the culmination of their transition into a fully operational company.

Built on the Valve Source Engine, gameplay is reminiscent of the days spent on playing the original Counter-Strike. It may even still have some flair of that, even if the visuals are adjusted to blurring scopes, dust effects and so on.

You can purchase a set of weapons, each with their own handling and range, then customize them with additional trinkets to personalize gameplay. Most multipayer games are played in two teams going head to head in rather big, decrepit locations. These matches support up to 32 players and can be quite hectic.

There is, however, a small cooperative mode as well, which offers a team of 6 the chance to survive the same locations, but teaming with enemies.

Realism is a big part of the game, giving little indication to where gunfire is coming from and making deaths nearly instant.

During my time with the game, I felt the mostly open locations reflected this choice poorly, as it favored long ranges and static camping heavily. If you like extreme risks though, this one is a clencher.

Insurgency’s launch announcement comes with a short video. On launch day, the team will also use the game’s dedicated Twitch channel to stream some gameplay.

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