Rumor Turns True, Shipment Map From COD 4 Now Available For Call Of Duty WW2 For Free

Just a few days back, we heard a rumor that was very catchy for the Call of Duty fans, the rumor implied that there just might be an old Shipment Map from Cod 4 coming to Call Of Duty WW2. Turns out the rumor was legit, the Call Of Duty WW2 gets a free Shipment Map 1944.

The rumor originated from a listing, which an owner of PlayStation spotted. The listing was visible for a brief time, and fortunately, that user was able to get a look at it.

The developer Sledgehammer Games have added this new map to Call Of Duty WW2. This map, as you may know, is an old map which was pretty popular back when it rolled out originally for COD 4.

Now that we remember the map, you should know that the developers have revamped this version of the Shipment map and furthermore they have also rolled out a trailer for the players to get a better look at, how this map is going to be.

This Shipment Map 1944 is pretty much similar to its predecessor and functionality is almost the same. Of course with some contemporary adjustments, considering it’s for Call Of Duty WW2, this map will surely give you a nostalgic feel.

The few changes, that have been made include; wooden shipments, you may now be able to hide in containers to ambush your enemies, they too can do the same, so keep that in mind, while you are at it.

How exactly it has changed compared to the original COD 4 map, remains to be seen, hopefully as soon as those old COD community that has played the old version of the map play this new one, then we will be able to know what the fans have to say.

For now, it seems pretty neat, let us hope that the players enjoy this. This new map is included in the Call Of Duty WW2 DLC and it’s free to everyone on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What do you think of the map? Let us know in the comments below.