Shiny Pokemon Are Easier To Find In Pokemon Let’s Go, Here’s How

The recent NintendoVSUK event in London was a great place for Nintendo fans to witness Pokemon Let’s Go live. The devs surprised everyone by having a small tech demo of Pokemon Let’s Go which was open for everyone to try out. Those who got their hands on it did also learn how to find shiny Pokemon.

Players went on to explore Viridian Forest in the beautiful world of Pokemon and they somehow captured a shiny Pokemon which will not be the case when you play because it was the third time anyone has found a shiny Pokemon in the game.

These shiny Pokemon do look similar to other ones but they have a glowing effect which will help you differentiate them from others. Star like particles will appear above those shiny Pokemon for you to grab before it disappears. Though this is a demo, things might change when the full game releases at the end of the year but having this effect will definitely make it easier for us to grab some shiny Pokemon which turns out to be hard for some.

Another good thing to know is that if you have encountered a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go like I did then it’s going to appear exactly the same as in Pokemon Let’s Go so keep collecting.

Pokemon Let’s Go Evee and Let’s Go Pikachu are the upcoming games on Nintendo Switch but they are just a starter for all the fans before the releases of 2019’s Nintendo Switch Pokemon game which is a major title according to Nintendo.

Pokemon Let’s Go Evee and Let’s Go Pikachu is also going to be a lot of fun, especially with the ability to play with friends which might not be the case in the unannounced Pokemon title. It’ll definitely be fun to catch some shiny Pokemon in the game and also have them in the upcoming 2019 title which we are all hyped for.

Are you excited for Pokemon Let’s Go Evee and Let’s Go Pikachu? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Dotesports

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