Shin Megami Tensei V Cleopatra Boss Guide

Cleopatra is an SMT 5 boss locked behind the DLC “The Rage of the Queen”. As expected, she’s one tough demon. In this Shin Megami Tensei V guide will show you how to beat the Cleopatra Boss by outlining some key strategies.

Shin Megami Tensei V Cleopatra Boss

The DLC “The Rage of a Queen” focuses on Cleopatra. After reaching a certain stage, interact with a Bethel Researcher in the Tokyo Diet Building.

Cleopatra had been a representative of Bethel’s Egyptian branch, but she had been demoted. When the protagonist interacts with her, she fights back.

This is a tough fight but its well worth it as defeating her unlocks her in demon fusion.

Cleopatra Skills

Cleopatra’s trademark skill is Frolic which inflicts the Charm disease on all enemies for three rounds, drastically reducing their attack and defense. It is recommended that you come with some charm resist or way to remove this ailment.

Other than that, Cleopatra will use Ice attacks and Mabufubarion as her Magatsuhi. If you have demons that can block ice and utilize an ice dampener before she fires off her magatsuhi you’ll always have the upper hand.

How to Defeat Cleopatra in SMT 5

The very first step towards preparing for the battle with Cleopatra in SMT5 is having the right selection of demons. Demons that are best suited for this fight are ones that can block ice attacks and ones with good Dark Attributed skills.

Dark is Cleopatra’s weakness, so equip your Nahobino with Dark attributed skills and use demons with strong dark attacks like Alice’s Die for me.

To defeat Cleopatra, simply gain extra actions by exploiting Cleo’s weakness to dark skills. Remember to use the ice dampener when she gathers Magatsuhi.

Heal up and cure status ailments as needed. Frolic will greatly debuff your party, so try and at least remove those by buffing your damage dealers up.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps in order, then you will be successfully able to defeat Cleopatra in Shin Megami Tensei V.

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