Shin Megami Tensei IV Challenge Quests Guide

In Shin Megami Tensei 4, challenge quests are actually some side quests that can be accessed from blackboard in K’s Tavern.

These quests usually include fighting off a strong demon or finding some items. However, some of them do impact the ending of the game, so make sure to take your time with them.

Also note that, you can either do challenge quests or normal quests at a given period of time. While doing a challenge quest, you can always quit and start the main quest.

Successfully completing a challenge quest will grant you with some rewards, XP, Macca and other things. However, if you already have the maximum number of a particular item; you won’t be able to get more.

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Demon Slaying Quests
Demon Slaying Quests require you to fight off some pretty strong demons. Some of these demons are marked red on your map, some appear out of nowhere and some drag you in a battle the moment you enter the designated location.

Chagrin Slaying Competition
This is quite a simple quest as it requires you to kill five Chagrin in Naraku. You will get this quest after completing the A Missing Fellow Samurai.

The Cursed Gauntlet
This quest also becomes available after you complete A Missing Fellow Samurai. To begin, talk to the samurai in the Treasure Room which you will find in Mikado’s Castle.

We would advise you to save your progress before taking on the demon in this quest.

Slaying the Dragon of the Lake
After completing Find the Survivors, you will unlock this challenge quest. After accepting the quest, head to Lake Mikado to start this quest right away.

Once again, make sure to save your progress as you will be thrown to face a level 16 demon.

Dance of the Dead
To successfully complete this challenge quest, you will have to kill five Calamity Hordes that will appear after completing Find the Survivors.

Note: After you have killed all the hordes, you will have to face a strong demon.

The Calamity Hordes can be found all over the third stratum of Naraku.

Capture the Berserker
This quest also appears after completing Find the Survivors. All you need to do is to find and kill Wu Kong in Naraku.

You will find Wu Kong in forth Stratum of Naraku. Managing to get a key from Capture the Black Samurai quest will allow you to open a door in first Stratum and then directly jumping to fourth Stratum from there.

Chu Chulainn’s Training
After reaching the Shinjuku District during Capture the Black Samurai quest, you will receive this side quest.

You will find Chu Chulainn in Bugeiken which is located in North of Kasumigaseki. You will encounter a short dialogue before the fight so we would advise you to save your progress before advancing.

Corpse Disposal
This quest can be obtained from the Hunter Association in Shinjuku Station.

The Eastern Entrance of Shinjuku Station is the place where this quest will start. Your primary target is to kill the seven demon known as Corpses. They will be all at level 25 and their cronies will be at a lower level.

The Corpses will be marked red on the map while their cronies will be in blue.

Phantom Madness
This quest is also unlocked from the Hunter Association.

All you need to do is kill four hordes that are wandering around Shinjuku. To be more precise, you will get them in the Eastern areas of Shinjuku Station. In order to complete this quest, you will first have to do the Corpse Disposal quest.

Note: These hordes keep on moving to different parts of the map and they will appear out randomly. After you have killed the first horde, the other three will be marked red on the map. Make sure to kill them instantly before they change their location.

Delivery Quests
Delivery Quests require you to find something and then deliver it to someone. You might come across some demons while doing a quest but they will be random and NOT a part of the quest.

Missing Child Search
To complete this quest, you will have to find a boy and get him to his parents. This quest unlocks after you will complete Find the Survivors.

In order to start the quest, you will have to go to the City Outskirts and talk to the parents of the boy.

You will find the boy in Kikigiorgi Forest and might come across some demons while fetching him.

Deliver the Film
After completing the Peallaidh Extermination, you will unlock this quest from the Hunter’s Association.

You will get a film from a shop nearby and you will be required to take it to a small house. You will receive a camera for doing it successfully.

Relic Recovery: PC
After finding the military base, you will be able to get this quest from K’s Tavern.

The PC required for this quest is located in North West part of Shinjuku Station. However, you must complete Corpse Disposal in order to get to this area.

Shelter Inspection
Before you can start this quest, you will have to complete the Deliver the Film side quest.

In order to start this quest, you will have to talk to a girl at the Shinjuku Station south gate. This quest requires you to take a picture and deliver it to the girl.

Her Memories
You will be given this quest from an old woman located on the West side of Shinjuku’s Underground Station.

This quest requires you to complete Corpse Disposal and Deliver the Film first as it requires you to take a picture of old woman’s former bar.

In order to find the bar, you will have to head to the Golden Gai area of Shinjuku’s Eastern Entrance.

Deliver/Demon Slaying Quests
These quests are the combination of both the quests we have covered in the sections above as they require you to get an item and slaying of some strong demons.

Collect Demon Claws
This quest requires of you to collect three Gryphon Claws and deliver them to K’s Tavern. However, in order to get those claws, you will first have to kill Gryphons in Naraku.

I Want a Classy Down Quilt
In order to complete this quest, you will have to get five Fuxi’s Feathers and deliver them to K’s Tavern.

Fuxi’s Feathers can be found on the demon Fuxi that can be located in the first stratum of Naraku.

A Drunkard’s Best Friend

Completing this quest requires you to deliver six Birdman Liver to K’s Tavern.

These livers can be fetched from the Tangata Manu after defeating it. However, to locate the Tangata Manu, you will have to go to third Stratum of Naraku.

I Want to Make the City Bright
You will have to kill a demon in its own land and get an item from there for delivery. You can start this quest at any given time. However, we would advise you to be at level before you give it a go!

Also note that mapper will not be available while you are on this quest, so you will have to figure out which way are you are going. You will find the Demon’s domain in Central Way, Uneo Tokyo.

Egg for One Hundred
Just like the above quest, it is better to be at level 20 before starting this quest. And it requires of you to slay a demon in its domain and then obtain an item from there for delivery.

You will find the designated item on the observation platform on Sky Tower. You will see an exclamation point to interact with!

Competition for Blood
You will be able to start this quest after completing Peallaidh Extermination from the Hunter’s Association. You will need to deliver four Strix Blood.

Strix Blood can be obtained by killing Strix in Kasumigaseki.

Quality Food
This quest needs you to fight and kill Katakirauwa – which can be found in Ueno District – and deliver the Succulent Pork to Hunter’s Association.

Isis’ Search for the Coffin
You can get this quest after recruiting Quicksilver in Shinjuku District. In the second Stratum of Naraku, take the door on the North East and find the lady Isis.

After talking to Isis, you will need to find her husband’s coffin which is located in 4th Stratum of Naraku. Look for the exclamation mark on your map.

Note: You will also have to fight the boss, Seth. Seth is at level 40 and is very powerful with a variety of attacks.

So there you have it folks! That’s all we have on challenge quests. Still we will keep on updating this for you. In the meantime, if you would like to add anything, we will be more than welcome.

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