Shin Megami Tensei IV Cathedral of Shadows Guide

It won’t be wrong if I say this Cathedral of Shadows is one of the most significant Burrough Apps in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Allowing you to Fuse Demons and view the Demon Compendium, this plays a major role during the gameplay next to talking to demons, of course!

It becomes available after you complete the main quest To My Fellow Samurai and costs you 2 App. Points. After unlocking and buying this ability, this will add Mido option in your Main Menu – entering this option will get you to Cathedral of Shadows.

Mido is the strange man in the App that will help you Fuse Demons and get them back from the compendium. For more help, read our Demon Fusions and Transformations Guide.

Demon Fusion
Just as the name suggests, Demon Fusion will allow you to combine two demons into a new and stronger demons. The two demons which are joined together are called Component Demons and the demon that is born is called Resulting Demon.

Fusion Limit is the process when you are no longer able to join demons that have a higher rank than your main protagonist. Therefore, in order to make stronger demons, you will have to rank your main character first.

Fusion Recommendation
Based on the different kinds of demons you have at your disposal, Mido will recommend you different Demon Fusion when you will first enter the Cathedral of Shadows. All you need to do is to select an option and you are ready to go.

Searching for Demons
Demon Search is a very handy option as it allows you to search for Demons on the basis of race, strength, skill types, etc.

After you have selected the different options that you want your resulting demon to have, press Y to see the number of demons that can be created. Pressing Y again will bring up a list of demons and the level that they will be at. However, you should always keep the Fusion Limit in mind.

Special Fusion
Special Fusion will allow you to create some rare Demons by using some specific component demons.

Note: Most of the Special Fusion occurs after you have completed certain side quests.

Sometimes, it will also happen that you will need more than two component demons in order to make a special demon. However, these demons don’t have to be in your party at the same time. Having them at some point will register them to your compendium and you will be able to call them during the Fusion.

Fusion Accidents
Fusion Accidents are just like normal accidents that can happen anytime. What happens is that, sometimes, your resulting demon doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to be. It is either too strong or too weak.

Inherited Skills
It is as simple as it sounds! This will allow you to have some abilities of your component demons passed down to your resulting demon. You will be able to select which skill gets passed down to your resulting demon.

In this way, you would be able to have certain abilities in your resulting demon that it normally wouldn’t have!

Demon Compendium
Demon Compendium is basically a book that keeps records of your demons but note that you will be able to see only those demons that you have either bonded or fused.

Using Demon Compendium, you will be able to recall your demon in exchange for Macca. The data available in Compendium is starting level, movements and other stats of demons. However, it can be substituted by the current level, moves and other stats of your demons.

Doing so costs you absolutely nothing and it can done either on one demon or all of them.

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