Call of Duty: World At War Shi No Numa Strategy Guide

Treyarch released the second Call of Duty: World at War map pack yesterday for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The most anticipated part of this map pack was indeed new zombie map Shi No Numa, which we  desperately wanted our hands on.

Shi No Numa Strategy

Shi No Numa in Japanese means “Swamp of death” or more commonly remembered “Zombie Swamp” is the premium part of call of duty world at war map pack 2 and features imperial Japanese zombies Yeah! Japanese instead of  Nazis.

Japanese rise from the misty swamps in this all new co op experience with all the new features like a new set of traps, flaming hell hounds, deadly WunderWaffe DG-2, and profiled characters.

What’s New In Shi No Numa ?

Hearing all the praises might make you crazy but if you know why everyone is talking about this new zombie map for call of duty world at war. There are very handy and dangerous things in this map, namely Flogger,flaming hell hounds, WunderWaffe DG-2 and new characters + few gameplay changes as well.

New Characters
Shi No Numa will be the first map to have profiled characters. What that essentially means is you know who you are playing.The developers have first time made all factions working together to fight for the survival Yes! American, Russian, Japanese, German all of these guys will be fighting together to survive in the menacing zombie swamp.

Depending on the order of the players (player 1, player 2, player 3, player 4), you will be assigned one of these factions. Most probably player 1 will be American, player 2 will be Russian,player 3 will be Japanese, and player 4 will be German.

And about the profiles of these soldiers, Tank Dumpsey, is the American hero first in the line up, Nikolai Belinski, a Russian soldier is the second, Takeo Masaki, the Japanese commander is third, Doctor Richtofen, the German doctor is the 4th and the last one in the line up.

Flaming Hell Hounds
One of the most crazy bastards you gonna face in this map are flaming hell hounds, these are the dogs that can explode, much more like a suicide bombers arggg.

After round 7 frequency of hell hounds spawning in place of zombies increases, they most likely hold 50-50 chance against imperial Japanese zombies and believe me that makes things more then just worse but, the relief is that they never spawn within the same 3 rounds. There is a nice little hint indicating their arrival, there is a loud explosion and fog grows thicker.

WunderWaffe DG-2
Wunder Waffe Die Glocken 2 is a weapon developed and tested in Poland during the World War 2 but never saw action due to reasons we don’t know but what matters is, this baby is way too deadly for any undead or living creature. WunderWaffe DG-2 is a kick ass gun with small clip size 3 bullets only, and 18 bullets total at your disposal.

One bullet of WunderWaffe is so deadly that it amazingly travel from zombie to zombie killing them all just like that. It is a large gun so it has a slow reload time and the fact that it can backfire if you fire too close to wall by stunning you with electricity demands that you use it carefully. The worst part about WunderWaffe is Shi No Numa Is that only one person can use it, and it is found in the random box.

flogger Shi No Numa

New Traps
Another new feature the Shi No Numa has is the introduction of the flogger, a flinging catapult sort of trap that has two spiked logs, it spins and kill zombies and can be set up for 750 points, its another tool for survival in the open and the best part is, you can crouch/prone under it to move to the other side.

New Gameplay Changes
No more Camping buddy! You have to move around a bit in Shi No Numa, cos if you don’t you will get yourself in trouble. You might have figured out the frequencies/places at which cute teddy bear shows up more often in Verrukt but you won’t be able to guess that in Shi No Numa because it shows up randomly at different places, even the one you haven’t bought yet.

This type of gameplay has been implemented to make people play more active game rather then just sitting tight in one place. To survive you have to stick together and make timely trips for reload because you won’t have enough time this time. It’s an intense action map so everything you do, must be calculated. More will be up on this one as we go through the map.

Achievements / Trophies

1.Hammer Time – Repair 200 window boards in a single game. (Bronze)
2.It’s a Trap! – Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Bronze)
3.Weapon of Minor Destruction – Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke. (Bronze)
4.Perk-a-Holic – Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game Zombie mod. (Bronze)
5.Fertilizer Man – Kill 200 zombies in a single game. (Bronze)
6.Deadhead – Get 150 zombie head shots in a single game. (Silver)
7.Big Baller – Earn 75,000 points in a single Zombies game. (Silver)
.Big Brawler – Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires. (Bronze)
.Soul Survivor – Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived. (Silver)


Players start in a remote jungle location in japan, heavily infested by zombies, and with our four character previously having escaped their captors and looking for a way out, have to pass through that area to reach the search and rescue teams. This menacing situation has made these soldier to forget the variations among themselves to fight for survival and look for a way out.

Shi no Numa Map Guide

You spawn in the main building on the second floor and soon start to find your way to the first floor. From the first floor you can go to four other buildings, The Common Room, The Fishing Hut, The Doctor’s Quarter and The Storage. Each of these rooms have a perk machine but which perk machine it would be, is random.

You don’t need electric power in this map to use either. You also have the access to the flogger from the main building, near the way to the fishing hut.Each of these rooms have electro shock defenses which can be activated with 1000 points. More on it as we play  Shi No Numa and discover new things.

Shi No Numa Strategy

Shi No Numa is a very intense action map so the basic strategy here should be to move around while killing the zombies not to camp and sit on one spot waiting to die. The gameplay has been improved in a way that it forces you to move around the map or get killed.

Cute teddy bear shows more often in Shi No Numa then it used to be in Verrukt, and the places it shows up at are random and unpredictable.
To stay alive you need to put a good fight and stick together till round 6 with team work, use team speak to coordinate with each other while playing the game because it is way too important for this map.

You need to time your reloads, cover each other, timely reloads will count and make you and your friend less vulnerable to zombie attacks. Use bouncing betty’s and Electro shock defenses whenever needed, when going for perk o cola machines, make calculated trips.

A zipline from the main building second floor to the doctors quarter is also active and could be used as a quick escape,but only use it if you are already in a worse situation because believe me there are lot more zombies in there then you can possibly anticipate.

At beginning use the basic 5 shot to knife strategy to get points, at around round 4 unlock one of the ways downstairs. Unlock the door if you want to camp downstairs or the stairway if you are going to camp upstairs. After the dogs have appeared the mystery box has already exploded and you can see it by looking into the sky.

It looks like a large beam of yellow sines down, the basic strategy here should be to move along with the box, finding good camping spots on the way.

OR open the stairs only, then go to the next door, have 2 people defending the stairs and 2 player watching the windows.When possible activate the zipline door and buy some betties.As a good measure against the hell hounds plant bouncing betties all along the zipline area. Try to activate the flogger when possible and then head back up the stairs to keep some pressure off you.

Solo Strategy
When you are playing solo you are always American, some guy at codforums figured out this good strategy if you are going solo for this map. It’s quite hard map, and one of the worst things about it is, it is the largest of all so you need to be quite persistent if you are going alone in this one.

Buy arisaka and run around until round the beginning room until round 3, it will be quite tough round for you but if you survive this round you are guaranteed to have an insta kill.

After that open the door not the stairs, you should have 2800-3900 points as of now.Buy a Thompson or one or two other good guns and hope for the best. There is a room next to the mystery box which can be opened for 1000 points to get to the common room, don’t open that.

Most of the zombies will come from outside which is straight ahead so you need to focus this area more then your right or left flanks which will have lesser share of zombies.

When the hell hounds start coming, quickly move to the place at left from where the zombies come, there is a little alcove with a window, take cover there.No need to worry dogs never come from the window.

Some of the dogs on fire can explode creating a smoke that blinds you, so moving around in that little alcove will be helpful. At this round the dogs are week so magnum is one shot kill but try not to use bold action rifles.

There are only few dogs and when you kill the last one, you get max ammo. Now go back to the place by the common room, keep killing and buying more weapons eventually getting a cute teddy bear. At round 12 you will have more dogs to fight, follow the same strategy and you will have no problems.

At round 13 you will complete“Fertilizer Man” achievement which is for killing 200 zombies. If you get overwhelmed by zombies try to make your way to another door but not the common room as it will ruin all the strategy if you go there.

If you have to open the common room, don’t get to the left house as you will be cornered  there. Although it could be a good strategy to hide out in there.You can go up to level 14 at least using these simple steps, we will update it as more routes and strategies are discovered so keep in touch.


We have already gone through an in depth weapon guide for Call of Duty World at War Zombie mode which can be accessed through the anchored text link and all about Wunder Waffe DG-2 has been explained above so we are good I guess.

That’s all for first round of  Shi No Numa Strategy guide, more map routes, strategies, tricks and glitches will be added as we get to know these!

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