Shenmue Remastered Secrets Guide – Find All Secrets And References

There are a lot of different things in the remastered version of Shenmue that you can miss. Many of these do not have a consequence but some of them do and that means that you can miss out on a lot of the story if you do not follow our Shenmue Remastered Secrets Guide. Our Shenmue Remastered Secrets Guide will tell you about some of the different things that are easy for players to miss. This means that you can use this guide to have the complete Shenmue experience.

Shenmue Remastered Secrets

Some of the things in the game are quite well known. Such as the bad ending which works if you last to 15th April 1987. I will not tell you what it is but you can easily do it by sneaking to the Old Warehouse in the District part of the 2nd disk.

There is a QTE here which you can fail continuously and then you can see the ending. However, there are many things which are not that obvious, and that is what we will be telling you about.


Remember that you can easily make up for the time that you miss with Nozomi by phoning her. This will add a lot of different things to your memories and you will be able to find a lot of different things about her. The final one is especially amazing but we will leave it for you to find what it is.

Slot Machines

If you want to increase your chances of winning on the slot machines, you can head on over to Lapis and ask her to tell you the ‘gamble’.

It does cost you around 300 Yen but you will probably be able to make your money back if you head on over to the machines and spend your time on them until your luck expires on the next day.

Winning the Pool Shot

When you move to the MJQ Jazz Bar for the first time, you will be challenged by the people there to sink the pool shot and earn some money. The easiest way to sink it is to simply press the right button 17 times. Once you have done that, take the shot and you will sink it.

Denouncing the Curfew

If you want to stay up late and go against the authority. When you are searching for the Heartbeats bar, you can stay up as late as you want. The slot house will be open and you will be able to take advantage of all of the red light district.

Goro’s Call

You will be able to get a phone call from Goro on disc 2 if you do not meet him at the harbour when he wants to get you a job. Simply fail to meet him 2 times in a row and you will get a call from him saying where you are.

Keep on doing it and he will keep on calling you, and boy will he be disappointed.

Nozomi’s Cutscenes

You can get a couple of cutscenes with her. First is at the start of the 2nd disc. When you are at home, Nozomi will call you and meet you in the park. The second one occurs once you have crossed the 26th of December.

As you may expect, you can keep on failing the Old warehouse district trick to get here. At this date, you will meet Eri hanging on the street corner outside of the Arcade. She will tell you to meet Nozomi in the park.

Sparring Fuku-san

You can spar with Fuku-san in the Dojo until you get a job. Go there any day after you have been taught the Pit Blow move by him. Go there in the morning and you 2 will be able to spar with one another.


When you are at the arcade in Dobuita, you can see that the top scorer of the Hang On game is Ren.

We do not know what this means exactly but Ren did appear in an old Shenmue II screenshot where he was watching Ryo play the game, so this could be an indication of what is to come.

Yuriko and Kurita

You can talk to these 2 characters at various different points in the game to see their relationship blossom.

Working Forever

If you miss whatever event you are supposed to attend after work, you can continue working for however long you want. However, the maximum reward per crate will be 600 Yen.

That is all we have for our Shenmue Remastered Secrets Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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