Shenmue Remastered Mini Games Guide – Darts, Slots, Hang On, Space Harrier

There are a lot of different mini games for you to play but some of them can be very difficult to figure out. We will guide you through all of them using our Shenmue Remastered Mini Games Guide. Our Shenmue Remastered Mini Games Guide will tell you how to play all of the mini games as they can be quite a fun way to pass the time.

Shenmue Remastered Mini Games

There are a total of 8 different mini games. They can be found at the You Game Arcade which is right beside the Suzume Park if you head on over to the main street of Dobuita.

You can also find some of them at the Harbor Lounge right beside Warehouse #18 if you go near the plaza. Let’s go ahead and look at all of the games that you can play.


Place your bets on the machine. You can place up to 5 bets per machine. You can move Ryo’s hand to the bet and press A to bet. Then, spin the machine by either moving the hand over to the play button or grabbing the handle by pressing the right button.

Once you are done, select Pay Winnings to get your winnings or get what you have not lost so far.

Darts 7

Found in both the You Game Arcade and at the Harbor Lounge. Press A to throw the dart. The faster you throw, the higher the bonus. Beat 120 points to get a second game for free. Beat the 240 score at your second try to get a Darts 7 Capsule as a reward.

Hang On

Find Hang On at the You Game Arcade. Accelerate using the RT button and steer with the pad or the stick. Make it past each checkpoint before the time runs out. Complete the game using only a single credit to get the reward, which is a capsule.

QTE Title and Excite QTE 2

Require you to press the corresponding buttons as soon as possible. The game speeds up slowly and you lose when you miss 3 targets in a row.

Space Harrier

This game is found at the You Game Arcade. You need to use the Analogue Stick to move and avoid the enemies. Attack is performed by the A button. Complete the game using a single credit to get the Space Harrier Capsule as a reward from the owner.

Neo Darts

This game is found at the Harbor Lounge. It is quite similar to Darts 7.

That is all we have for our Shenmue Remastered Mini Games Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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