Shenmue Remastered Collectibles Locations Guide

In case you are not willing to take a large bite out of your day in order to locate all of the collectibles found in Shenmue, do not fret as our Shenmue Remastered Collectibles Locations Guide has you completely covered. We will tell you about all of the possible locations at which collectibles in Shenmue Remastered are found. Everything from the Music Tapes to the Capsule Toys will be covered in this guide.

Shenmue Remastered Collectibles Locations

Shenmue Remastered Collectibles Locations are found all over the game’s world. There are a total of 7 different collectibles we have found in the game so far. We will update the guide if we discover any other collectibles.

Let’s go ahead and look at all of the collectibles and where can you find them without going through the hassle of looking for them and finding them in the middle of nowhere.


You can find the slot house in Dobuita. Look for it in between the knocking Motorcycles and the Bar Yokosuka. This is the only place to make money in this area but you can also lose it as well.

You Game Arcade

This is found on the main street in Dobuita right beside the Suzume Park. IT has the Darts 7, Space Harrier, Hang On, QTE Title and Excite QTE 2 games.

Harbor Lounge

Harbor Lounge can be located near the plaza right beside Warehouse #18. You can play Darts 7 and Neo Darts here.


The Lapis Fortune Teller can be found in the mains treet. Go around the corner near Aida Florist and use the wisdom of Lapis to figure out where you should be heading to next.


They can be found in several different places. They can play music from the main soundtrack of the game.

Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip is a prize draw which you can enter. If you win, you will get a reward. You can get a ticket whenever you buy chips or any other Shenmue branded item. You can enter the Lucky Dip from any of the Tomato and Abe stores.

Simply go in them and purchase the aforementioned items to enter the draw.

Music Tapes

You can find these tapes in various different places which will allow you to listen to the soundtrack. The player is in the drawer of Ryo’s desk. It requires 2 AA batteries to work. The boom box can be earned as a prize in the Lucky Dip.

Alternatively, you can use the boom box at Tom’s hotdog stand to play any tapes you wish.

Capsule Toys

You can find these trinkets in various different machines spread about near the stores in the game. There are a total of 6 machines to be found.

That is all we have for our Shenmue Remastered Collectibles Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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