Shenmue II Remastered Secrets Guide – All Secrets And References

In many video games, especially open-world ones, there is a lot of potential to put easter eggs, references, secret codes and other hidden items that encourage exploration for that game. Shenmue II is no different with its many secrets that can get overlooked if you are rushing the game. We have put together a Shenmue II Remastered Secrets Guide to help you find all the secrets.

Shenmue II Remastered Secrets

Although most of these will require you to play through the game once, some can be achieved within your first playthrough. When you first beat the game, there is a self reference to the Shenmue series within this remastered version.

You can find it by heading to the Saturn Video Place and there you will be able to see the Shenmue’s Arcade Section. Approach it and you will be able to watch a trailer of Shenmue and Shenmue II running on the Sega Saturn.

The next secret  can be discovered while you are playing in the Afterburner. Once you reach the third level, press Left + X and you will be able to see that your missile count goes all the way up to 100.

You can unlock further interactions with the girl Fangmei at Man Mo Temple. At the end of all these activities that we have listed below, you will be able to attend Fangmei’s birthday party.

  • Firstly, you will need to speak with Fangmei at Wise Men’s Qr. Now, proceed to the Pigeon Park after Xiuying is trying to catch leaves for the book. Speak with Eileen at the Pigeon Park.
  • When you are tasked with transporting the books to the library, do all of it before noon for the cutscene with Fangmei to trigger. Now wait and halt your book carrying task.
  • After having completed the book, Wulinshu with the help of Guixhang, head to the Man Mo Bistro in Wise Men’s Qr the next day to talk with Fangmei and Eileen together. The next cut scene with Fangmei gets triggered when you carry out the Chawan Sign at Man Mo Bistro after which you will end up in a fight at Man Mo Park in Wise Men’s Qr. No matter what you do, you will lose the fight and the cutscene will come up.
  • After meeting with Zhang and Xiuying, go through Lucky Charm Qr for the cutscene with Joy to appear. Now head to temple library. After that head to the Man Mo Bistro and complete the quick time events : press Down and X in the first event, and A in the second one.
  • To acquire the details of Fangmei’s birthday party, head to the antique shop at 2pm, you can find it between Wise Men’s Qr and South Carmain Qr. There, speak with Eileen. Now meet with Fangmei at temple library and follow her to Lucky Charm Qr to speak with the shopkeeper.
  • Head to Xiuying’s appartment on March 3rd. Now, before you depart Hong Kong, speak with all your friends: Delin, Jianmin, Master Zhoushan, Zhangyu and Guixang. Head to Xiuying’s apartment again for the birthday event to finally happen.

For another event: Duck Race event, you will also need to go through some interactions before you can unclock the event itself. Follow our instructions below:

  • During the chase scene with Wong, give it up at the point where you crash into a girl who’s in your way. Head to Come Over Guest and spend the money at Lai Lai Eatery. Speak to the girl who you crashed into earlier here, and wait for your reward which will be a bronze medal.
  • Head to the Pine Game Arcade in Golden Qr and pick a fight with Eileen on the third floor. After defeating her, beat Izumi as well to get the silver medal.
  • For the gold medal, you need to make your way to Tomato Mart in Golden Qr. Speak with Izumi here and then head to catch leaves with Xiuying. During this scenario, catch a feather to get the prompt of catching a duck. Win the race back at Tomato Mart to get your well deserved gold medal.

Finally, there is an alternative ending which you can trigger in Shenmue II Remastered. This is kind of a mock-up of those who take forever to end the game.

Basically, all you need to do is keep failing the Zhangyu Barber’s quick time event until the days progress and you have reached June 31, 1987. You will know you have unlocked this bad ending if you see Ryo go back to bed.

This is all we have in our Shenmue II Remastered Secrets Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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