Shenmue 3 Martial Arts Expert 50 Year Old Lao Jiu Location Guide

At one point during the Shenmue 3 main story, you will need to learn Martial Arts move known as the Body Check. Sun is willing to teach you that move when you visit him, but he requires his payment first. He wants to be paid in the form of a 50-year-old Lao jiu. This Shenmue 3 guide will help you find the location of the Old Lao Jiu for the Martial Arts Expert.

Shenmue 3 Lao Jiu Location

You’ll need to visit a store that sells the Lao Jiu so head to the Tao-Get Store. Talk with him about the 50-year-old Lao Jiu and you’ll get permission to search around the store for it.

You’ll find it inside a pot in the upper right corner and with a 2000 price tag on it. When you find yourself short on funds, you can do a few things to earn them.

Earning Funds for the 50 Year Old Lao
If you’ve collected herbs at this point, you can sell them to the very the pond same shopkeeper right there for some extra funds. You can find and collect these herbs around the map in grassy areas. E.g.: You can find Cinnamon and Jujubes in the grassy patches by the pond. Any you find, you should bring it back to the shopkeeper.

You can also get funds through other methods such as chopping wood and exchanging tokens for prizes to sell to the pawnshop.

If you’re a patient fisher, head to Huang’s Tackle and rent some fishing gear. We recommend the Quality Fishing Set since it ensures a greater number of catches despite the heftier price. Catch bigger and grander fish in large quantities and then you will get a nice amount of funds as your reward.

Once you have enough funds, head back to the shop to pick up the booze and bring it back to Sun so that you can continue the main story.