Shenmue 3 Hits $6.5 Million Mark, Will Feature Ragdoll Physics

Ever since Shenmue 3’s announcement at the E3 in June last year, it has become one of the most largely backed videogame projects through crowdfunding. Each time a new milestone is reached, Yu Suzuki and his team behind the Shenmue series announce some new that they will add to the game.

This time around, the developers have announced that the title has hit another ‘stretch goal,’ which will allow them to include proper ragdoll physics in the game’s combat system.

The developers had to raise $6.5 million in order to obtain the goal, which they have succeeded through Kickstarter plus the Slacker Backer campaign using PayPal. This mark also happens to be a new record for crowdfunded campaigns.

Despite the title reaching record heights, Yu Suzuki has made it clear that Shenmue 3 is an extremely ambitious project, and to make it into the complete experience that he has envisioned, they will need to raise more than $10 million.

Suzuki has spoken several times about bringing a massive world into the game, but its funds requirements are still quite far away from being achievement. At the same time though, Suzuki has promised fans that they will make the best possible game no matter the level of funding the reach.

Shenmue 3 is expected to arrive on PS4 and PC in late 2017.

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