Shenmue 3 Hide and Seek Kids Locations Guide

As you progress through different areas in Shenmue 3, you will arrive at the Village square to find the Sunflower Grove. After locating that, you will have to find 4 children as you play hide and seek with them. You will only have 4 hours to complete this task. They will be scattered around the village. And in this Shenmue 3 Hide and Seek Kids Locations Guide, we have listed all the hiding places for your ease.

Shenmue 3 Hide and Seek Kids Locations

Shenmue 3 – the sequel even the most diehard of fans would have assumed would never happen has finally arrived on PS4 and PC. It continues the story of young martial artist Ryo Hazauki and his quest to find his father’s killer in 1980s set China. Among the many tasks players can engage in this game, this hide and seek mini-game is one of the most frustrating one. Hopefully this guided eases your pain a little.

Kong Zhuang Hiding location
To find Kong Zhuang, make your way to the end of the sunflower field. Then go to the opposite area through the path where there will be a water body on your left and some carts on your right just next to the house. Kong will be hiding behind these carts.

Lei Chunhai Hiding location
To find Lei, stay on the main path outside of the sunflowers and enter the patch just before the barrel. From here, take a right. You will find her here hiding among the sunflowers.

Ye Zi Jun Hiding location
To find Ye, head to the row of buildings just opposite of the sunflowers. Go behind them to find an outhouse with cows inside it.

There will be a ladder that will be leaning against the roof. Ye Zi Jun will be hiding on top of this ladder. (You may have to get close to the ladder and look towards her to activate the cutscene and complete the find)

Yang Lihong Hiding location
To find Yang, head to the back of the houses opposite to the Sunflower Grove.

From here, follow the path down the hill and look here for a building having many logs and stones outside. After spotting this house, go inside to find Yang Lihong.

(If a cutscene doesn’t trigger, it may mean that you will have to find the other kids first as this location is directly tied to the progress of the story)

Once you successfully find Yang Lihong, you can now search Xu’s house for clues.

Finding all the kids will earn you the “Babysitter” trophy

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