Shenmue 3 Capsule Sets: Shenmue 1, Heavy Machinery and Tennis Guide

In Shenmue 3 you can craft sets by using different items. These sets can then be exchanged for other items which will, in turn, help you to progress through the game’s Main Story. This Shenmue 3 Capsule Sets guide will show you how to obtain each set and discuss their rarities.

Shenmue 3 Capsule Sets

There are two different types of capsule sets you can collect. One of these is tradeable for money while others are tradeable for a Skill Book as well.

Shenmue 1 Capsule Set
The Shenmue 1 Capsule Set is a throwback to the original and can be traded for both money and a Skill Book. It should be noted that collecting these Capsule Sets can be very heavy on your pocket, so make sure you are a bit loaded before you proceed to collect these items.

One chance will cost you 10 Yuan, and the probability is a bit low to get exactly what you need. It can take you anywhere from 100 to 200 turns before you actually end up finding the entire set.

The following are all the items you can collect to complete this capsule set sorted in accordance with their rarity. Head to Bailu Village Square to start collecting this set.

Collectible Rarity
SD Chen Guizhang Common
SD Nozomi Harasaki Common
SD Ine Uncommon
SD Chai Rare
SD Ryo Forklift Very Rare

The set will sell for 600 Yuan, the most expensive compared to the other sets, although it is recommended that you instead trade it for a Skill.

Tennis Set
The Tennis Set is another set of collectibles that you need to gather. You can complete the set entirely for some extra cash, but you cannot trade it. To get the Tennis Set, head to Tao-Get Store. This machine will cost you 2 Yuan per turn.

All the items in the Tennis Set are listed below in terms of their rarity.

Collectible Rarity
White Racket Common
Orange Racket Common
Violet Racket Common
Fiery Racket Uncommon
Tennis Ball Very Rare

Compared to the Shenmue 1 set, this will cost you a considerably less amount of time and money. You should have the entire set within 50 attempts. You will be able to get a small amount of profit by hunting this entire set down.

Heavy Machinery Set
The Heavy Machinery Set consists of Forklifts and Loaders which can be found in the gambling machines found in the game. You can find the machine outside of Tao-Get’s store. Each attempt will cost you 5 Yuan.

The items of the set are shown below

Collectible Rarity
Power Shovel Loader Common
Wheel Loader Uncommon
Red Forklift Common
Yellow Forklift Rare
Mobile Crane Very Rare

The Heavy Machinery Set sells for 300 Yuan, which can be a considerable amount of profit considering you can get everything in roughly 50 attempts.

This set, however, can also be traded for the Hidden Sandstorm Skill Book at the Pawn Shop in the Panda Market. I would always personally recommend the Skill Book over money.

And that concludes the list of all Capsule Sets, hopefully, this helped you in making a tad bit of extra cash, or simply learning some cool new skills.

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