Shenmue 3 Bookie with Scar Location, How to Defeat Xuan Guide

Let us talk about Shenmue 3 Bookie with Scar Location. Defeating this bookie, Xuan, is one of the early quests in the game. It can be a little tricky and if you are having trouble, then follow this Shenmue 3 guide and hopefully you will be able to defeat Xuan in your next try.

Shenmue 3 Bookie with Scar Location

In order to locate the Bookie with the facial scar, go back to the village and you will see games on the left side. Talk to Xuan Shancun, and if you want information from him, you are going to have to defeat him. You can train a little at Martial Hall if you think you are falling short against this guy.

Defeat Bookie Xuan
Head to Toa-Get store and buy Snake Power which can be used to recover your health during the battle. It does, however, cost a hefty price; 270 yuan. In order to buy this, you could collect a few Herbs for some money, you can also chop woods to farm easy money.

But if you do not really feel like going through this tiresome process, then you can simply just get stronger by training. Training is definitely the more effective solution, not just for this mission but for you later in the game as well.

To start your training before you can defeat Xuan, go to Martial Hall which is before the Verdant Bridge. The dojo will help you to increase your attack power and level up your moves by using wooden dummies. Level up your Kung Fu until it is Level Two. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the combat system and help you easily ace the fight.

It is recommended you fill up your entire Stamina before you head into the battle and to do this eat Black Garlic to fill up your Green Gauge. You can get Black Garlic from Tao’s store which costs 9 Yuan. You can also get it from the Vegetable Stand in the Square but it will cost you 12 Yuans.

Now head to Xuan again, and in the battle, make sure to use Snake Power when you need it. Use L2 to block incoming attacks and do not get greedy during the fight. When he’s on the ground and knocked down, attack him as he is getting up to deal some extra damage.

Put a trained move on R2 and spam that when needed and it will help you cut the fight a little shorter.

Hopefully, with all these tips in mind, you will be able to give another scar to the Bookie with the Scar. Take your time with the fight, and learn Xuan’s patterns and it will be possible to defeat him

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